SEAT Cupra Ateca interior

The Cupra Ateca interior is stylish and well-made, albeit a little gloomy, but it doesn’t have the flare of the exterior design


The Cupra Ateca interior looks classy, feels well made and has a few nice touches that mark it out from the SEAT range. It has all the good bits from a Volkswagen Group interior but maybe lacks a bit of flare compared with the exterior.

Still, it’s better than in the standard SEAT Ateca. The black interior looks stylish and the piano black trim, squidgy dashboard plastics and carbon fibre effect in the centre of the steering wheel hint rather than shout the car’s sporty characteristics.

The copper-coloured Cupra ‘tribal’ logo in the centre of the steering wheel emphasises this is no ordinary SEAT every time you get behind the wheel, too. There are Cupra logos on the illuminated door sills, and before you even get into the car, ‘welcome puddle lights’ shine the Cupra logo on the ground next to the front doors as if Gotham City was calling for a Cupra superhero to come to the rescue.

It’s a bit of the shame the quality in the front seats isn’t quite the same for those in the back. The door bins are made of scratchy hard plastics that let the side down.

It’s just as well the Cupra Ateca has a 300hp engine because the interior doesn’t grab you in the same way as the performance. It’s fine but nothing to get excited about.

Mat Watson
carwow expert


The Cupra Ateca comes with the 8.0-inch colour infotainment screen you get in the more expensive versions of the standard SEAT Ateca. It has an easy-to-follow menu structure and works quickly to your inputs.

It also has a proximity sensor, so menus flash up when your hand approaches the screen and it responds to pinch and swipe gestures. Sat-nav is included, too, though postcode inputs aren’t the most intuitive. However if you prefer your smartphone’s navigation apps, the Cupra Ateca comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone mirroring systems.

To complement the infotainment system, there is another digital screen behind the steering wheel that transforms into a huge map, making following sat-nav directions a doddle (though not if you are using your phone’s apps).

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