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carwow’s Best New 4×4 2012 – The Land Rover Discovery 4

The Land Rover Discovery 4 has been named as carwows 4×4 Of The Year for a number of reasons, not least because it is, simply, every car you will ever need. As one motoring writer put it, as one industry expert put it we’re not sure there’s a more complete car on sale today.
It is, of course, primarily designed as an off-roader, a role that it carries out with aplomb, being so capable that the majority of its owners will never come close to exploring its limits. The standard-fit Terrain Response is an incredibly clever piece of technology that has been flawlessly integrated and is so simple that owners understand how to use it intuitively, which is no mean accomplishment.
It is also a towing car par excellence, a luxury estate, people carrier, and family taxi. It is as classless as anything on sale today and is, perhaps, the only spiritual successor to the original Range Rover in that it is driven by all manner of people and is at home at the opera as in a farmyard.
The fact that big, heavy, four-wheel-drive vehicles are out of fashion seems to have escaped the attention of those who buy Land Rovers, such is the esteem and affection that the brand is held in. That appeal is rooted, in part, in the fact that the products are continually evolving and todays Discovery is significantly better than the one that went before and we expect that the next generation will also lead the class thanks to clever engineering and cutting-edge design.
The most astonishing thing about the Land Rover Discovery is that it fulfils so many different roles and it does them all so very, very well indeed and we very pleased to be able to recognise its accomplishments in this way today.
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