See what cars are available at the dealership with carwow’s new feature

October 12, 2015 by

Don’t want to wait for a new car to be built? Use carwow’s in-stock cars to find your perfect ready-made car

carwow has a launched a new feature that makes it easier and quicker to buy the right new car for you, simply by showing cars that are available immediately from the UK’s best dealerships.

Usually, you’ll have to wait a few weeks while your new car is built – but by looking at what new cars are already on dealers’ forecourts you could save the wait, and drive away in a brand-new car this week.

How it works

Once you’ve built a car using the carwow configurator, you’ll be able to see what similar models dealers have in stock, and send messages if you’d like to talk about specific vehicles in their showrooms.

Buying a car that’s in stock avoids the need to wait while a new one is built to your exact specification. Read our stock cars guide for a full list of reasons to choose a stock car over a factory-order car.

Stock cars with all the usual carwow benefits

These stock cars usually get the same great carwow discounts as new models – often they have a little more money off. You’re still going to be dealing with the friendliest car salespeople in the country – after all, we only allow the dealers with the highest customer satisfaction scores and best user reviews to use carwow.

Get started with stock cars

Just head over to the carwow configurator by clicking the green button on our homepage and build the car you’re interested in. Once dealers send their offers, you’ll see an orange notification next to dealers who have similar cars on offer. Just click on the in-stock tab to see the list, which will also show a representation of each available car.

Each car that’s in stock will have a reference number – just click the green enquire button to send the dealer a message about that particular car. You could be driving that very car in just a few days!