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carwow’s Best New Hybrid 2012 – The Honda CR-Z

The Honda CR-Z is a well-deserved winner in the Hybrid category, because it brings a fresh, cool look to an otherwise worthy-but-staid class. Previous hybrids might have been innovative but they were instantly relegated to the B-list with the arrival of this smart coupe.

The shape is almost identical to that of the original concept car and nods at the CRX of old; it is, according to one reviewer: so close to being a modern day Ford Puma with a green twist that it hurts.
Its not just a pretty face with a vegetarian appetite, though. The CR-Z is guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face thanks to its nimble steering, low suspension, and fantastically taut chassis; this is a car in which you can enjoy driving, whilst keeping your conscience clear.
The little 1.5-litre engine might not set the world alight with big numbers, but the torque is available low-down, where you need it, allowing the engine to pull with muscle that belies its small capacity. And anyway, when a gearbox is as sweet to use as the Hondas there is every incentive to keep the engine on the boil, especially when it sounds as good as it does in Sport mode
City dwellers will love the CR-Zs small size and the fact that it is exempt from the London Congestion charge, while those who live in more rural areas will enjoy that fabulous chassis. All will enjoy the low-slung driving position, supportive seats, and instrument panel of exciting futurism.
All-in-all the Honda CR-Z is so exciting – and wins this category with such ease – because it shows that being green doesnt mean leading a dull, boring motoring life, and if it encourages more drivers to consider a hybrid that has to be a good thing!
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