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What is a carwow wowscore?

Doing your own research is a common feature of making purchases in the 21st century. In the bad old days you used to be at the mercy of sales assistants pushing whatever product they needed to shift into your hands exclaiming: “sliced bread has nothing on this”.

Not anymore. Customers are more informed than ever before and can often arrive at a shop (or car dealership) knowing more about the product they want to buy than the sales assistant. At carwow, we’re proud to help car buyers by reading thousands of independent reviews and aggregating them – saving you hours of surfing.

Wow! – but what’s a wowscore?

A wowscore is what we call our aggregated score awarded to each car on sale in the UK. A wowscore is an average mark out of 10 taken from scores awarded by expert reviews. For example, Autocar magazine gave the new Mercedes C-Class four-stars out of five and Evo magazine gave it three – multiply these scores by two (to make them out of 10) then average them and you get a wowscore of seven out of 10.

Different publications are geared towards different audiences – Evo and Top Gear are very much enthusiast-focused publications so often give performance cars better reviews. Publications like Parkers and What Car? are more consumer-focused so are more likely to take practicality into account. wowscores let us average these contrasting opinions and get a better picture of what the press says about a new car.

How do the reviewers work?

New cars follow a predictable launch cycle. First, camouflaged models appear in long-lens spy shots and the rumour-mill fills in the rest of the details. Then, the magazines that have ‘special’ relationships with manufacturers get first drives or hands-on previews of pre-production models.

After that, final production details are released and the first production test cars make their way to the waiting motoring press. At this stage, we start collating the results of their reviews into our wowscore – these are constantly updated as new reviews come in.

Every review we write is informed by what the experts are saying. With each, we include excerpts from their reviews – views from the ‘horse’s mouth’ if you will. We also include beautiful high-resolution photos and links to video reviews and previews so you can see your dream car in action.


We know! Now head to the homepage and see not only how much you can save on a new car, but also how each new car’s wowscore compares. To see an example of our aggregated scores have a look at our review of the Volkswagen Golf or Nissan Qashqai – two of our most popular models.

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