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Vauxhall Corsa VXR colours guide

The new Vauxhall Corsa VXR is designed from the ground-up to be an exciting car, which means you’d expect to find some pretty vibrant colours to accentuate the fact. There isn’t an overwhelming choice of shades but all suit the hatch’s aggressive looks.

Check out the colour palette below, along with prices and a quick review of each and let carwow help you pick the best colour for your new Corsa VXR. For a more in-depth guide to the different types of paint you can pick, take a look at our paint types breakdown.

Vauxhall hasn’t loaded the Corsa VXR into its configurator so our images come from Vauxhall’s European sister brand, Opel. The cars are indistinguishable apart from different badging.

Solid finishes

Flame Red – £0

If you want a no-cost paint option, Flame Red is your only choice for your new Corsa VXR. It’s bound to be a popular choice because it doesn’t cost extra, but it’s not a choice that really brings the car to life in the way some of the other colours do. It stays cleaner than lighter colours but won’t sell on as quickly as darker ones.

Brilliant finishes

Brilliant paints are a half-way house between solid and metallic colours. They’re a bit brighter than solid, but neither as eye-catching or as expensive as metallic.

Summit White – £275

Summit White fits with the current fashion for white cars with a really bright, clean finish. White can be the kiss of death for resale prices if it goes out of fashion, but there’s little sign of its popularity fading too much at the moment. Make sure you budget for plenty of trips to the car wash.

Metallic finishes

Carbon Flash – £545

Although this metallic choice avoids using the word black in its name, that’s what it actually is. This is a safe choice that looks great when it’s clean and shiny and shouldn’t present you with any nasty surprises when you come to sell it. It’ll look cleaner than white for longer but won’t hide road muck as effectively as greys or browns.

Shiny Rock – £545

Shiny Rock is another imaginative name for a colour that most people will still refer to as metallic grey or gunmetal. Although it’s an inoffensive colour that few could dislike, it’s not really vibrant enough for a car like the Corsa VXR. Nevertheless, if you want a colour that’s easy to own and sell, Shiny Rock isn’t a bad investment.

Pearlescent finishes

Flash Blue – £545

Flash Blue is a loud and proud colour that seems to be an essential inclusion for performance models. On a larger saloon it might put some buyers off but, on the youthful Corsa VXR, it suits it well – it’s unlikely to put off buyers on the second-hand market. It’ll be moderately easy to keep clean but don’t forget to keep on top of it.

Lime Green – £545

This is probably the kind of colour that most people will think of when it comes to cars like the Corsa VXR. It suits the car’s madcap character so probably won’t put off too many buyers come resale time. It needs to be kept clean to maximise its impact but is arguably the most iconic colour the Corsa VXR comes in.

What next?

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Vauxhall Corsa VXR

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