Ford Focus ST (2014-2018) interior

There’s nothing overly special about the Focus ST’s interior. It’s still the same environment you’ll find in a regular Focus, albeit jazzed up with a trio of gauges on the centre console and a set of grippy Recaro seats in the front.


That means it also has the regular Focus’s slightly set-back gear lever, which a few testers take issue with – it’s not in the most comfortable place.

Three dials on the dashboard mark the ST out form a regular Fcous

Mat Watson
carwow expert


The Focus comes equipped with an eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system butit is found wanting. The main problem is that the Ford SYNC2 software feels slow to respond, and the recessed screen and small on-screen buttons make it fiddly. It’s just a little irritating to use.

Ford Focus ST (2014-2018)
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