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Volkswagen Scirocco colours guide and prices

The Volkswagen Scirocco – the German brand’s Golf-based coupe – has undergone a range refresh recently as we wait for the new model to arrive in 2016.

With the re-jigging of the options list comes an update to the palette. Some old favourites have been joined by some interesting blends, and carwow is on hand to guide you through the choices.

Solid colours

Volkswagen offers a small selection of three basic shades, though availability depends on the trim level you pick. Two come as standard, no-cost options, while there’s a third at a small premium to tempt you away from the pack.

Flash Red (£0)


Red is your generic sports car colour and to be fair it works pretty well here, with just the right proportion of black to make it stand out. Odd then that the only red choice is unavailable on the premium and performance end of the Scirocco range, coming only on the base model and the GT (pictured above).

Urano Grey (£0)


Replacing Flash Red on the R-Line and R models is this pretty bland choice dubbed “Urano Grey”. Its lack of any defining features practically forces buyers of the high end cars to spend a bit more money on nicer colours. If depression was a colour…

Pure White (£255)


It’s standard fare to have a white on offer now – it was more the thing in the early Noughties, but it’s still a close second in the cool stakes to brown. Pure White is a little hit and miss on the Scirocco though, because the front and back treatments look pretty good but it’s a little less inspiring from the side. Perhaps it’s the obviousness of the shutlines that bring the profile down.

Metallic colours

The largest selection of colours is the metallic range – four each for the Scirocco R and R-Line, but a full palette of eight on the base and GT models. Each is a £535 option.

Indium Grey (£535)


Only slightly less inspiring than Urano Grey, Indium Grey is another one of those colours that just blends in with the road. It’s a bit spicier in direct sunlight, but for a year-round good looker, we’d pick another option.

Reflex Silver (£535)


In general we’re not fans of silver German cars, but the Scirocco just about pulls it off. Again it’s the reliance on dark trim pieces that break up the swathe of metal helping the colour along. It’s not the most imaginative choice, but at least on this occasion it actually works on the car – so again it’s a pity that the R and R-Line buyers miss out.

Aztec (£535)


This weird, muddy brown is available on three of the four models (R-Line excluded) and… well, if you buy one you probably won’t see another one. It’s one of the least expressive shades we’ve seen in a while and a surefire way to make it look weirder is to specify it on a Scirocco R with the chromed mirror caps as above. We’d hold fire on ordering one until you’ve seen it in the flesh – the configurator image gives it a slightly ‘dredged from a canal’ look.

Dark Oak (£535)


Another colour that Scirocco R and R-Line buyers are denied. Antipathy for trendy colours aside, this doesn’t look all that bad – a bit like a car-shaped continental chocolate. Still, why settle for “doesn’t look all that bad”?

Viper Green (£535)


Assuming your eyeballs haven’t ruptured, this brain-rewiringly garish choice is Viper Green and it certainly makes a statement. Most of the time that statement will be misinterpreted as a challenge to a traffic light Grand Prix, so while it’s available range wide you might want to steer clear unless you’ve gone for the full fat Scirocco R. This is a classic Scirocco colour, however, and it does suit the shape beautifully.

Rising Blue (£535)


Rising Blue is the colour that Volkswagen uses for Scirocco publicity shots (as you can see atop this article), and that means two things. Firstly it looks absolutely, undeniably great. The second is that everyone else will order theirs in this colour too. Pick it if you want to look good, but be prepared for a potential secondhand hit as the market is flooded with them.

Night Blue (£535)


A few notches darker than Rising Blue, Night Blue is a cracking choice that is again not on the R-Line and R options lists. Darker blues very rarely look anything other than top notch, with that little extra depth giving you different cars day and night. A definite fall-back choice.

Ultra Violet (£535)

If you want a Scirocco R, you’ll miss out on this most excellent shade. Buy any other Scirocco and this is a must-tick. Purple is a brilliant and sorely underused colour in the motor industry and VW’s Ultra Violet really does beg the question why more manufacturers don’t offer it.

Pearl/special colours

There’s an additional two shades on top of the range that add pearl effect finishes for that little extra touch.

Deep Black (£535)


The configurator image above doesn’t really do Deep Black Pearl any justice. It’s a lovely, rich black with incredible depth – under sunlight it really dazzles and under garage or street lighting you’ll be amazed by how it reflects. But you’ll need to keep this clean and detailed – if you’re the sort who’s not fussed about a bit of overnight dust, Deep Black may not be money well spent.

Oryx White (£950)

It’s becoming more and more of a tradition to have a proper pearlescent white on the top of the options list and the Scirocco is no exception. And why not? Pearlescent whites look spectacular. We’re not convinced it’s worth £950 for those couple of days a year when it really stands out next to the duller whites, but it’s the priciest paint option for a reason – it looks the best. That said, one of the carwow team used an Oryx White Scirocco R-Line for three months one winter and found that the sides of the car got utterly filthy.

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