Vauxhall Combo Life and Vivaro Life: MPVs now electric only

January 13, 2022 by

Vauxhall Combo Life and Vauxhall Vivaro Life are going to be electric-only from January 2022. The vans on which they’re based will still be available with conventional engines.

Vauxhall Combo Life

The Vauxhall Combo Life will no longer be available with internal combustion engines from January 2022, leaving only the Combo-e Life electric car.

The Combo-e Life shares the same EV tech as its peers from Citroen and Peugeot. This means it gets a 50 kWh battery and a range of 174 miles. If you can find a rapid charger, you can charge up from flat to 80% in just half an hour.

You still get the same flexibility the Combo Life has always offered. The seats can be moved around easily to increase boot space or leg room as you need it, and it’s an easy vehicle to see out of thanks to its raised seating position.

Vauxhall Vivaro Life

The larger Vauxhall Vivaro Life is also now electric-only, and makes an ideal choice if you need more space than the Combo offers. It shares parts with the Peugeot e-Traveller and Citroen e-Spacetourer.

The Vivaro e-Life shares its EV components with the Combo-e Life, meaning it also has a 50kWh battery and can be recharged to 80% in half an hour at a fast charger. The range is slightly reduced however as a result of its size. The Vivaro-e Life has 143 miles of range.

The Combo-e Life can be specified with up to eight seats and a cavernous boot. The batteries are stored under the floor as well, so they don’t impact on interior space.

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