VW to build 306hp ID3 R electric car? Design revealed in exclusive rendering

Nick Lette van Oostvoorne
Nick Lette van Oostvoorne
March 08, 2021

Could VW about to reveal a high-performance ID3 electric car with more than 300hp? Our exclusive rendering shows what this car could look like. 

  • VW ID3 R exclusive images
  • High-performance future EV
  • Could use dual motors from ID4
  • 306hp possible
  • 340-mile range possible
  • Could go on sale in 2023
  • Would cost close to £50,000

Volkswagen has already said it plans to expand the ID3 range to include a convertible version, and there’s a chance it could also produce a high-performance ID3 R electric car, too. This VW ID3 R could use the dual-motor setup as the larger ID4 EV and produce as much power as the upcoming Skoda Enyaq iV vRS. Read on for full details.

New VW ID3 R design

This exclusive image shows what the new ID3 R could look like

The new Vw ID3 R is expected to take a great deal of inspiration from the new Volkswagen Golf R hot hatch. As a result, it’ll tick all the must-have hot hatch boxes, including lowered suspension, larger alloy wheels, more aggressive front and rear bumpers and a few exclusive paint colours that you can’t get on the standard ID3.

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It won’t have quite the same gaping front grille as the Volkswagen Golf R – after all, the ID3 R is an electric car and doesn’t need a great deal of cold air to cool a hot engine – but you can count on it having a few more contrasting black inserts than the standard ID3.

New VW ID3 R motors and performance

The ID3 R could borrow the Skoda Enyaq iV vRS’ 306hp dual-motor setup

The fastest Volkswagen ID3 you can buy today comes with a 204hp electric motor driving the rear wheels. There’s a chance that VW could fit a second motor to drive the front wheels, bumping the ID3 R’s power to more than 300hp.

It’s likely that this setup would match the 306 hp you’ll get in the upcoming Skoda Enyaq iV vRS (shown above) although the smaller, lighter ID3 R should be quicker. Expect it to manage o-60mph in less than six seconds.

New VW ID3 R batteries and range

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The VW ID3 has a range of 340 miles if you pick the version with the largest 77kWh battery. Well, that’s what VW claims – you’ll probably see a figure closer to 300 miles in normal driving conditions. If the new ID3 R uses the same battery, its range will likely be slightly shorter because of its heavier dual-motor setup.

However, Volkswagen may be able to shoe-horn in the larger 82kWh battery from the larger ID4 electric car. This should bump the ID3 R’s range up around the same level as the 77kWh ID3.

New VW ID3 R interior

Expect a sportier makeover for the ID3’s cabin in R models, too

You can get the standard VW ID3’s interior in some ‘interesting’ colour combinations, including a seventies-tastic white, black and brown combo (shown above). Expect a future ‘R’ version to come with more sombre, but sportier, black and blue trim – just like in the new VW Golf R.

You can bet that the standard car’s seats will be ditched for a set of more supportive items, too, and there’ll be a healthy smattering of R logos about the place, too.

New VW ID3 R price and release date

The upcoming VW ID3 Cabriolet will go on sale before a future R model

There’s no word on whether VW will put a high-performance ID3 R into production, but if it does make the cut, it’ll likely have to wait its turn until after the ID3 Cabriolet has been officially released.

This new drop-top electric car isn’t expected to arrive until 2022 at the earliest, so there’s a chance that the ID3 R will have to wait until 2023. If it does go on sale, the ID3 R will be the most expensive version of the ID3 electric car – don’t expect much change from £50,000.

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