New Volkswagen ID CODE: a busy family’s dream SUV?

April 24, 2024 by

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This is the new Volkswagen ID CODE, and it could be the perfect SUV for family life. Read on to find out why…

  • New Volkswagen ID CODE revealed
  • SUV concept for the Chinese market
  • Level four self-driving technology
  • Lounge-like interior
  • Built-in robotic vacuum cleaner
  • Won’t go on sale in its current form

The Beijing Motor Show is well under way, and Volkswagen has whipped the covers off this: the ID Code.

It’s a large SUV with self-driving tech on board, as well as a vacuuming robot. That’s right, this car comes with its own automotive Roomba. Sadly though, it’s just a concept car for now, so much so that VW hasn’t actually said what’s powering it.

What is the Volkswagen ID CODE?

Good question. The new Volkswagen ID CODE is an SUV concept with level four self-driving technology. This is the second-highest level of automation in a car, and it means the driver can be completely hands-off without the need to be ready to intervene.

As a result, the interior has been designed with a lounge-like ambience for socialising on the move. Put this car into its autonomous driving mode and the steering wheel will retract into the dashboard and the front seats can turn 180-degrees to face the people sitting in the back.

This turns long journeys into a chance to spend time talking with the family, reading, watching films or browsing social media, all while a suite of cameras and sensors guide you safely down the road.

Cool party trick, but what else can it do?

We’re glad you asked. Let’s say you’ve just finished a long road trip and you’ve been enjoying plenty of snacks, but now the car is covered in crumbs. This is no problem, because you have LUPO on board.

Before you say it, no there isn’t a 00s hatchback in the boot. LUPO is a robot vacuum cleaner which lives under the dashboard. Simply put the car in Hygiene mode and LUPO will whip around the car cleaning up any errant scraps. A UV light also disinfects the surfaces.

Another clever feature are the smart windows. As you walk up to the car, the respective window lights up with a helpful character which can do things like tell you to take an umbrella if it’s going to rain. The same assistant is used inside the car to deliver other helpful information.

That all sounds great, take my money!

Hold your horses, because there are two things you should know before you reach for your wallet. Firstly, the ID CODE is just a concept car, so you can’t buy it in its current form. And the other thing is that this is designed specifically for the Chinese market.

That’s not to say this self-driving, self-cleaning family SUV is nothing but a pipe dream, it could well be a preview into technology you’ll see on other VW products at a later date. For now though your Henry Hoover can kiss his early retirement goodbye.

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