The Ten Best 7 Seater SUVs

Charlie Fraser / November 30, 2011

Top Ten 7 seater SUVs

We take a look at the best 7 seater 4x4s and SUVs on sale at the moment. There’s a range of 7 seat SUVs for all budgets. 

We’ve ranked the SUVs by the buzzScore they get, which is basically an overview of how highly experts rate each car. It’s the average score that experts have awarded the car in reviews. 
There's also a link to where you can read reviews of each car, see photos, videos and full stats.

No 10. - Citroen C-Crosser

Citroen C-Crosser
In tenth place is the C-Crosser, a decent SUV that gets fairly good reviews. The very back seats are small though, they’re just for kids. There’s only one engine, a 2.2 Diesel that is impressively economical, so running costs shouldn’t be too high. However, it does look quite expensive compared to other rivals. 
Price: £25,340 - £28,890
MPG: 39 - 42
buzzScore: 6.9

No 9. - Audi Q7

Audi Q7
The Audi Q7 is huge! It’s one of the biggest 4x4s on sale. The back row of seats are fairly generous in size, adults will find them ok for short journeys. The boot is massive, there’s room for a couple of bags even with the rear seats up. The interior is excellent, there are a lot of modern engines to choose from plus it’s an enjoyable car to drive. It is pricey though and the sheer size of it makes it difficult around town. 
Price: £40,925 - £99,315
MPG: 25 - 38
buzzScore: 6.9

No 8. - Kia Sorento

Kia Sorento
The new Sorento is a proof that Kia now know how to make good cars. It’s decent value for money, safe and we reckon it’s the best looking 4x4s in its price range. The 3rd row of seats isn’t very big, again for kids only really, but they’re fine for occasional use. Another bonus is that it comes with a 7 year warranty. 
Price: £20,850 - £32,990
MPG: 33 - 44
buzzScore: 7.1

No 7. - Mitsubishi Outlander

Mitsubishi Outlander
If you like your SUVs looking tough then take a look at the Outlander. It’s comfortable, has a large interior and the 2.2 Diesel won’t cost too much in fuel. The rear row of seats isn’t roomy, for children only. The biggest problem is that similarly priced 4x4s are better (keep reading!). 
Price: £20,549 - £30,399
MPG: 30 - 46
buzzScore: 7.1

No 6. - Nissan Qashqai +2

Nissan Qashqai +2
The Qashqai +2 is a popular SUV and we can see why. It’s easy to drive, the interior is nice and it’s British built. The very back seats won’t fit adults in (not without a squeuze at least!) but kids will be fine in them. The biggest complaint from the experts is that compared to the Qashqai (the 5 seat version) it’s expensive, but if you need those extra seats then it’s worth the extra. 
Price: £17,675 - £27,745
MPG: 34 - 60
buzzScore: 7.2

No 5. - Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser
This is one of the best 7 seater SUVs if you do actually go in the mud! Land Cruisers are known around the world for being excellent off-road. On-road it’s not so good though, it’s a bit noisy and doesn’t feel as refined as rivals. The rear seats are fairly big and the boot is too. If you need to venture off the beaten track then it’s well worth a look. 
Price: £30,915 - £50,660
MPG: 34
buzzScore: 7.3

No 4. - BMW X5

If you enjoy driving then the X5 is the 4x4 for you, the experts all agree it’s genuinely fun to drive. The very back seats are a bit of an after-thought though, they’re not large. The interior is very smart and comfortable, but the sporty set-up means you might find it a bit of a hard ride. The X5 isn’t good in the mud, but few owners will ever even take it near a field!
Price: £44,555 - £79,740
MPG: 20 - 38
buzzScore: 7.4

No 3. - Hyundai Santa-Fe

Hyundai Santa-Fe
The Santa-Fe is an impressive SUV that represents great value for money. It’s a handsome car, has a comfortable ride and all the reviews are impressed with the 2.2 diesel engine it comes with. The rear seats aren’t roomy, but as with most other 7 seaters young kids will be fine. The downsides are that as it’s a Hyundai it doesn’t have the same snobby brand appeal as other 4x4s, but the upside is that it comes with a 5 year warranty. 
Price: £22,825 - £28,345
MPG: 38- 41
buzzScore: 7.6

No 2. - Volvo XC90

Volvo XC90
If you want a 7 seater with lots of room in the very back then the XC90 is the one to go for. The boot is huge as well, even when the back seats are folded up. It’s got comfortable and supportive seats, it’s safe and it’s really easy to fold the rear seats up and down. The biggest problem with the XC90 is that it’s looking a bit old now, both inside and out. 
Price: £34,390 - £49,535
MPG: 20 - 34
buzzScore: 7.7

No 1. - Land Rovery Discovery

Land Rover Discovery
First place goes to the Discovery, it's by far the best 7 seater on sale. It’s not cheap, but every expert who has tested it agrees that it’s an outstanding car. It’s fantastic both off-road and on-road, is comfy and has a decent amount of leg and head room in the very back. Many reviews even say that the Discovery ought to cost a lot more than it does. It’s that good!
Price: £37,150 - £50,350
MPG: 30 - 32
buzzScore: 9.1
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