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The best cheap SUVs and crossovers on sale

SUVs and crossovers are one of the most profitable motoring segments – even Bentley and Rolls-Royce will soon join these ranks. Buyers love the extra space and boot capacity they give while the high driving position gives excellent visibility. Many come with four-wheel drive for added peace of mind when the going gets tough.

SUVs needn’t break the bank though, so we’ve compiled a list of the 10 cheapest SUVs on sale in Britain today. Any of these cars would make a great family vehicle with the extra space and visibility they offer over hatchbacks.

You’ll be able to find any of these cars on the new car deals page, where you can see how much carwow could help you save. If you’re more concerned about monthly costs, check out our list of the best fuel efficient family cars.

1. Dacia Duster (from £9,495)

The Dacia Duster is practical and capable SUV. It has the price tag of the average supermini yet offers buyers a lot more bang for their buck. Standard equipment levels are pretty low, but higher spec models don’t cost much more and offer all the kit most buyers need. While material quality is only as good as you might expect for the price, build quality is hard to fault.

Running costs are impressively low too – especially when paired with the well praised 1.5-litre diesel engine. While the Duster handles like a normal car on the roads, it has some impressive off-road abilities when optioned with four-wheel drive. It’s a very good car for not much money.

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2. Citroen C4 Cactus (from £12,990)

If you fancy an SUV that’s a little more outlandishly styled, you can’t get much more distinctive than the Citroen C4 Cactus. The Cactus has been styled to look like an off-roader but suits on-road duties better – four-wheel-drive isn’t available as an option. The rugged styling is topped off by the innovative ‘Airbumps’ that help prevent the majority of parking dings.

Inside, the interior is modern and spacious, with just a touchscreen to control the majority of the cars functions. All engines are efficient and the diesels can return nearly 90mpg if you’re careful with the throttle thanks to the Cactus’ astonishingly low weight – the lightest versions weigh just less than a tonne.

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3. Suzuki Vitara (from £13,999)

Suzuki recently relaunched its Vitara – a name long associated with affordable 4x4s. It’s sharply styled, offers lots of practicality and is pretty decent to drive. The interior is rugged, too, and will be able to handle most tasks that the average family can throw at it.

Running costs are low and, although it isn’t the cheapest car on this list, it’s one of the best value considering the space and versatility on offer. Equally, thanks to optional four-wheel drive, it won’t leave you stuck in a muddy field.

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4. Renault Captur (from £14,295)

The Renault Captur is based on the popular Clio supermini but its slightly larger size and more spacious interior has made it one of the Renault’s most successful models. The fact it has style by the bucket-load helps – the Captur is sleekly styled and about as attractive as a compact crossover can get.

Inside, the Captur might not be the most practical compared to its competitors, but there’s still a decent amount of room, and the quality is high. All engines are cheap to run, but it’s the impressive diesels that we’d suggest picking.

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5. Nissan Juke (from £13,930)

The Nissan Juke is one of the highest selling cars in the compact crossover segment and one of Nissan’s most important models. Even if you don’t like the looks, you can’t deny the Juke is a well built, cheap to run and entertaining to drive little car.

Its interior is on the tight side so might not suit those who regularly need to carry rear seat passengers. Nevertheless, the cabin is sharply styled – like the outside – and, for the most part, makes ergonomic sense.

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6. Skoda Yeti (from £17,000)

Based on the previous generation Volkswagen Golf platform, the Skoda Yeti is a noticeably larger vehicle than many on this list. This equates to a more spacious interior, with plenty of room for five plus luggage. Occupants are treated to a high quality cabin and impressive kit levels on mid-range versions.

The engine range is varied and, while all should be cheap to run, the lower powered variants might struggle a little with the Yeti’s larger bulk. It’s also worth bearing in mind that the sweet spot in the Skoda’s range lurks a lot higher than in smaller competitors, with mid-spec diesel models being the best all-rounders.

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7. Peugeot 2008 (from £13,195)

The Peugeot 2008 is another supermini-based crossover that won’t break the bank to buy or run. Under the bonnet are a range of turbocharged diesel and petrol engines that offer reasonable performance in most guises. Ride and handling are good too, although the small steering wheel might not be to everyone’s tastes.

Elsewhere, the 2008’s interior is pleasant, with a touchscreen similar to the one in the C4 Cactus that operates most of the car’s functions. It’s not the most exciting car, but the Peugeot is a solid choice for buyers.

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8. Fiat 500X (from £14,595)

The Fiat 500X is just the latest in Fiat’s line-up of 500-inspired vehicles, and has the potential to be the most successful yet. It offers just enough space for four adults and has decent luggage capacity, too.

The cabin is attractively retro too, and the engine range is both economical and powerful in most variants. It may be a little more expensive in top trims than rivals on this list but, considering what it offers, the 500X is actually very good value for money and will look the part on the school run, too.

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9. SsangYong Tivoli (from £12,950)

The Tivoli is SsangYong’s first step into this more style conscious end of the market and is aimed at the Nissan Juke and Renault Captur. It’s not as outlandish looking as those vehicles but, for buyers wanting an attractive car that doesn’t shout about it, this might be a better choice.

Inside, the cabin is surprisingly plush and four-wheel drive is a handy option should you need to undertake some light off-roading. It’s not as cheap to run compared to some on this list but it’s still a good value choice nonetheless.

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10. Mitsubishi ASX (from £15,434)

The Mitsubishi ASX is a surprisingly competent crossover that rivals the likes of the Nissan Qashqai, just at a more affordable price. It’s not the most exciting of vehicles to look at but that might suit more less flamboyant buyers. Inside, the interior is similarly neutral, but there’s decent space for passengers and their luggage.

The ASX is great value though and, in addition to being cheap to run, all versions have good levels of equipment and a decent amount of power. Avoid top-spec models, however, because the 2.2-litre diesel is rough and the auto ‘box is indecisive.

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Dacia Duster (2014-2017)

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£9,495 - £18,440
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Citroen C4 Cactus (2014-2017)

A comfortable and quirky small crossover
£13,635 - £21,260
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Suzuki Vitara

A fun and practical small SUV
£15,999 - £24,599
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