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The best SUVs with the biggest boots

SUVs make great family cars thanks to their high driving positions and spacious interiors. Improvements in technology have made them more efficient and much better to drive than their roly-poly predecessors. If you’re looking for a SUV, you probably want a big boot too, so we’ve put together this list of the SUVs on sale with the biggest boots.

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1. Land Rover Discovery – 1,137 litres

The new Land Rover Discovery is nothing short of cavernous inside, with 1,137 litres on offer with the rearmost seats folded down. The central row can be moved forward too, freeing up a little extra luggage space. In addition, the Discovery is a capable off-roader, with good on road manners and handsome looks making it one of the most practical family cars on the market.

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2. Land Rover Discovery Sport – 981 litres

The Land Rover Discovery Sport is one of the smallest cars in the British marque’s range, but it still has an impressive 981-litre boot size – plenty of room for family food shops or trips to Ikea. Even with the third row of seats up, there’s still 689 litres of luggage capacity to play with. Like other Land Rovers, it’s comfortable both on and off road, while back road blasts are taken in its stride.

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3. Range Rover Sport – 784 litres

The Range Rover Sport is a luxurious yet capable SUV with plenty of interior space. The Range Rover’s wide-opening boot has a 784-litre capacity in five-seat mode, with seven-seat versions trimming this to 489 litres. While it feels similar to its big brother on the road, it has more of a focus on performance so is a little better suited to fast country roads with firmer suspension and more agile handling.

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Grey Jeep Grand Cherokee

4. Jeep Grand Cherokee – 782 litres

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a rugged yet smart looking SUV with a vast 782-litre boot. It’s one of the few cars on this list that isn’t offered with seven seats but the five fitted offer plenty of space. While it’s not the most hardy of off-road cars, its advanced electronics and four-wheel-drive system means it’ll go a lot farther than plenty of rivals that claim to have off-road abilities.

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5. Volvo XC90 – 775 litres

The Volvo XC90 is one of the best all-round SUVs on the market, with a stylish exterior design and Volvo’s sophisticated interior complimented by an extremely generous 775-litre boot with the rearmost seats folded. It’s one of the few seven-seat SUVs that can accommodate adults on its back row, too. Efficient and powerful four-cylinder engines with the option of hybrid power is the icing on the cake.

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6. Audi Q7 – 770 litres

If it’s a practical and luxurious SUV you want, there are few better cars out there than the Audi Q7. It has striking road presence with a typically plush Audi interior packed to the rafters with technology. In seven-seat form, there’s plenty of space for a growing family and, when the third row seats are folded down, there’s 770 litres of luggage space to play with.

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7. Skoda Kodiaq – 720 litres

The new Skoda Kodiaq is a well-built and astonishingly spacious SUV that represents great value for money. Skoda’s seven-seat off-roader comes with a vast amount of standard equipment and room for all the family. The Kodiaq’s 720-litre boot space with the rear row folded is a leader in its class.

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8. Mercedes G-Class – 699 litres

As a ’70s design, the Mercedes G-Class has an unsurprisingly retro look to it, with its boxy body and upright stance. While it might not be to everyone’s tastes, its square shape does mean the car can swallow 699 litres worth of stuff in the boot. It’s a little antiquated compared to modern rivals – especially when driven on the road – but the G-Class’s immense off-road ability shines through when off the beaten track.

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9. Mercedes GLE – 690 litres

The Mercedes GLE is the second car from the German brand on this list. Essentially a considerably revamped M-Class, the GLE is better to drive, more efficient and better to look at than its predecessor. One of its best features is the huge 690-litre boot with five seats in place, which extends to a van-like 2,126 litres with just the front two seats up.

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10. Mercedes GLS – 680 litres

Some may be surprised to see the Mercedes GLS behind the GLE on this list, but the larger GLS loses out thanks to its seven-seat layout. It only misses out by 10 litres, with a boot capacity of 680 with five seats up. With the GLS’ interior having room for two more people however, it is arguably the more practical of the two and has a huge 3,500kg towing capacity too.

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11. Porsche Cayenne – 670 litres

It’s not often you hear an SUV being called sporty but the Porsche Cayenne handles as well as many true sports cars. The stylish, luxurious Cayenne can only seat five, so isn’t the most practical on this list, but does come with a huge 670-litre boot in S, GTS, Turbo and Turbo S trims. Prices are as high as you’d expect from a Porsche but certainly feels worth it when driven on a winding road.

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White Mitsubishi Shogun

12. Mitsubishi Shogun – 663 litres

The Mitsubishi Shogun is a little dated, but it’s sturdily built and is almost unstoppable off road. Equipment levels are generous and five-door models come with an impressive 663-litre boot as well, with a decent 221 litres even when all seven seats are up. Prices are comparatively high but you’re paying for the Shogun’s real off-road prowess and reliable image.

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13. Kia Sorento – 660 litres

The Kia Sorento is a stylish, practical and spacious SUV with room for seven. The Sorento is powered by a 2.2-litre diesel engine that’s both efficient and suitably powerful. One of the best features about the Sorento is the 660-litre boot with the third row folded down. It also comes with Kia’s industry-leading seven-year warranty.

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14. BMW X5 – 650 litres

The BMW X5 is an attractive option for those who want a spacious SUV with luxurious interior touches and great on-road manners. The X5 has a comfortable ride and is pretty fun to drive by SUV standards with great stability and intuitive controls. If you avoid the hybrid option, boot space is 650 litres and the car comes with a handy split tailgate too.

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15. Jaguar F-Pace – 650 litres

The Jaguar F-Pace is arguably one of the best looking SUVs out there and comes with a plush, attractive interior and plenty of space for five people. Boot capacity matches the BMW X5 with 650 litres on offer despite its overall smaller size. There’s a good range of efficient yet powerful engines and it feels stable and agile on the road. The F-Pace might not be as great off road as its Land Rover siblings, but offers an overall more sporty image.

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16. Mercedes GLE Coupe – 650 litres

Thanks to the Mercedes GLE Coupe’s sloping roofline, it isn’t quite as spacious and roomy as the standard GLE. In addition to providing less headroom for passengers in the second row of the GLE’s interior, it also limits maximum boot capacity with the back seats folded down to 1,720 litres. However, its 650-litre boot with the seats up is still pretty generous and its curvier roofline lends it a much sportier image than the regular GLE.

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2018 toyota land cruiser dark blue driving front

17. Toyota Land Cruiser – 621 litres

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a rugged and capable off-roader that also makes a spacious, somewhat left-field family car. It comes with plenty of standard equipment, is solidly built both inside and out and has a big 621-litre boot capacity – more than enough for trips to furniture shops or DIY stores. It’s quite pricey but, like the Mitsubishi Shogun, you’re paying for some serious off-road credentials.

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18. VW Tiguan – 615 litres

Considering the new VW Tiguan is a mid-sized SUV and most cars on this list are from the class above, it’s impressively close for boot space. The Tiguan’s 615-litre boot is significantly bigger than the Tiguan’s nearest rivals. It also benefits from a well-built interior, a range of punchy engines and smart styling making it ideally suited to the rigours of family life.

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19. Ford Edge – 602 litres

The Ford Edge only arrived in Europe from the USA recently but merges space for five with a comfy ride, surprisingly pleasant handling and a good range of standard equipment. The Edge’s roomy cabin can fit a family of five with ease and a large 602-litre boot for road trips and food shops. For a luxurious experience without the typically German price tag, Vignale models are available with extensive kit lists and lots of leather.

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20. Jeep Cherokee – 591 litres

As the names suggest, the Jeep Cherokee is slightly smaller than its Grand Cherokee brother. Nevertheless, the smaller of the two is still a good value, spacious and comfortable family SUV. The 591-litre boot is more than enough for many families and there’s plenty of space for five people. Divisive styling will either be a benefit or a detriment depending on your point of view.

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