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What are the most popular Volkswagen Golf R options?

It’s fair to say the Volkswagen Golf R has been a bit of a surprise for the German car maker.

Not only has it delighted petrolheads with its ability to look like a Golf but scare your entire family silly, it’s also been loved by car buyers thanks to attractive finance packages and lease deals.

Lots of Golf R buyers have sensibly chosen carwow to get their hands on the new hot hatch, and here we take a look at the various Golf R configurations prospective buyers have made using our site. What’s the most common colour? Which options are surefire hits?

With more than 5,300 configurations to analyse we can investigate the fast Golf’s success like no other website. Let’s get stuck in.

Three- or five-door Golf R?

Before you even start thinking about gearbox, colour or option choices you need to decide if you want your Golf to have three doors or five.

Our statistics show that 37% of configurations were for the sportier looking three-door version, and 63% of potential customers opted for the more practical five-door.

Most popular Golf R colours

We’ve already looked at the various Golf R colours, but how’re the UK car-buying public speccing their Golfs?

The most common colours are Lapis blue (arguably the iconic Volkswagen ‘R’ colour), and Tornado red, which is – probably not coincidentally – the only no-cost colour. Only 14.8% of potential buyers chose the solid Pure white colour, and 6.3% would choose to pay a £700 premium for a more impressive metallic shade in Oryx white.

Tellingly, black is popular with 13.6% of carwow configurations being in this stealthy-but-meaningful shade. Couple a nice gloss black with the Golf R’s chrome-effect quad exhaust pipes and you have a rather dashing-looking car.

Gearbox choices

Of the 5,320 Golf R configurations through carwow, just 39% were with manual gearboxes, meaning that 61% preferred to choose Volkswagen’s lightning-quick DSG automatic instead.

It seems people who opt for the three-door Golf R are more likely to want a more involved driving experience, because 45% of three-door cars were configured as manuals, against 35% of five-door models.

Most popular Golf R options

We won’t beat around the bush – far and away the most popular option chosen in the 5,300+ configurations is an upgrade to 19-inch Pretoria alloy wheels (an £895 option at the time of writing), and 28% of all configurations included them.

Again, the slightly more petrolhead-oriented options win out here, notably with dynamic chassis control (which lets you stiffen or soften the suspension depending on your mood) being configured by 21% of potential buyers.

The most popular options all support the Golf’s more practical side to its personality. The £920 panoramic glass sunroof option was added by 15% of our sample, and the winter pack (which adds headlight washers, heated front seats and heated windscreen washer jets) seems a popular (and cheap) option at £250.

Surprisingly, for a car in this price bracket, the Golf R doesn’t come with full leather seats as standard, instead sporting cloth/fluffy faux-Alcantara versions.

The cheapest upgrade option to get leather seats is a fairly steep £1,720 – but there’s a pair of £2,615 ‘carbon-look’ options if you simply must have the best leather on offer in a Golf. Unsurprisingly, these steep prices result in a low uptake for leather in the Golf R – only 17% of carwow users opted for any of these four-figure leather packages.

Standard cloth/alcantara seats – leather is a £1,720 option

What will you choose?

Try using carwow’s configurator to make your ideal Golf R (or pretty much any other car on sale in the UK!), then see what offers you get from the UK’s top carwow dealers. There’s no obligation to buy, so why not join the legions of UK car buyers who have discovered the most hassle-free way to get a great deal?

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