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Citroen C4 Cactus colours guide and prices

August 04, 2014 by


The Citroen C4 Cactus is one of the most garish cars produced within living memory, and with such an oddball shape it’s crucial you make the right colour choice. Our colour guide will make sure your Cactus stands out for all the right reasons.

Solid colours

Four solid colours are available on the Cactus and although it’s a pretty varied selection with reasonably vivid options you should note that the contrasting “Airbump” panels are only available in colours other than black on two body colours.

Hello Yellow (£0)


It’s pretty rare to see a car coming with a standard, zero-cost yellow paint finish, but that’s exactly what you get with the C4 Cactus. If you’re particularly bothered by resale values you should consider something else – it’ll be a very common colour on the secondhand market because it suits the Cactus perfectly – but otherwise it’s a great choice. The Airbump panels can be specified in optional “dune” (a sandy white) colour for £150, though this doesn’t suit the colour so well.

Polar White (£250)


By contrast, the white is pretty boring, moreso because there’s no choice for your Airbump – the protective side panels come in black only. Still, if you like your car to look like a panda or killer whale…

Tapenade Grey (£250)


For a fun car like the C4 Cactus, a middling grey might seem like an odd choice. Indeed, with the standard black Airbump panels it does look a lot like the roads it’ll be driving on. However, with the optional dune-coloured side panels (£150) it almost has the opposite effect. This particular colour isn’t available to entry level “Touch” trim buyers.

Sport Red (£250)


You might expect a sporty red colour on a car of this type to look a little out of place, but it doesn’t look especially wrong here. The black Airbump panels (the only colour available here) break up the red expanse so it’s not so obnoxious, though it gives off a faint hint of Valentine’s card. Probably one to swerve.


Metallic colours

There are also four metallics colours that provide a little extra character for your Cactus. While not necessarily as wide a range of colours as the more striking solids, there’s something here for most people.

Arctic Steel (£495)


This pretty cool metal-effect colour lends an air of grace to the Cactus that you might not expect, particularly with the standard black protective panels. Though the light grey ‘stone grey’ and brown ‘chocolate’ panels are available on this body colour, they don’t look as elegant. The grown-up’s choice, no doubt.

Shark Grey (£495)


Another selection to make your inner-child car seem more sedate, Shark Grey has much the same effect as Arctic Steel, just with more of a tungsten-type finish. Again, stone-grey Airbump panels are an option here, but not one we’d pick because the standard black is just fine.

Obsidian Black (£495)


Although there’s nothing wrong with Obsidian Black per se, it just doesn’t sit well with the Cactus’s proportions. With a choice between the black and ‘dune’ Airbumps, there’s not a lot you can do to bring it onto the wishlist.

Deep Purple (£495)


We hope purple becomes the next brown, because this is yet another car offered in purple that pulls it off effortlessly. Like the other metallic colours here, the standard black panels do a better job than the options. We’d like to see chocolate-coloured side panels offered on this colour, but Cadbury’s would probably have something to say about that. This is a colour worth choosing, but sadly it’s not offered to entry-level ‘Touch’ trim buyers.


Pearl colours

There’s also a pearlescent option and it is, as usual, white. This is the only colour with a free choice of Airbump colours (at £150 for every option other than black), but it is out of reach to Cactus buyers who opt for the entry level ‘Touch’ specification.

Pearl White (£730)


Pearlescent white is always a double-take colour – a white that makes you look at it again because there’s something different about it. Great on sunny days, and it’ll really stand out when parked next to the solid Polar White, though some of the same criticisms will apply depending on your Airbump colour choice.

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