The best luxury SUVs and 4x4s you can buy

Luxury SUVs offer a complete package to those who want a true do-it-all vehicle. Few other cars offer spacious and luxurious interiors, refined driving experiences, powerful engines and the latest gadgets all in one package. But which luxury 4x4s are the best buys? Here are the 10 best.

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1. Audi Q7

The Audi Q7 is a tech-laden and desirable SUV that has serious luxury credentials. The Q7’s exterior might be unassuming, even in top-spec S-Line trim, but step inside and you’ll find a cabin that puts even Audi’s A8 flagship to shame. There’s a sleek, modern design that features a rising central screen loaded with the excellent MMI infotainment system and even a wireless charging pad for your mobile phone.

Audi also offers the highly rated Virtual Cockpit system, with a large LCD replacing traditional speedo and rev counter dials. The Q7 can also accommodate seven people in decent comfort and is refined out on the road thanks to acoustic glass and optional air suspension. You can only get diesel engines in the Q7 but they’re all impressively quick and frugal. If you want a properly quick Q7 you’ll want to investigate the V8 diesel SQ7.

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2. Volvo XC90

Volvo’s XC90 has long been a favourite with those who value safety and quality, and the second generation model added a large helping of luxury to the mix when it went on sale in 2015. Arguably the highlight of the Volvo is its interior, with a minimalist design featuring a large touch screen infotainment system, and an all-digital dial display behind the steering wheel. Combined with the stitched leather and open-pore wood you’ll find on many models, it helps create a thoroughly first-class environment for all on-board.

There are three rows of seats for each of the seven passengers to choose from, too, with even the third row able to hold average-sized adults, and levels of standard equipment are pleasingly high on all trim versions. Green drivers will be happy to see the option of a plug-in hybrid model, which mixes hot-hatch-like acceleration with low running costs, though the standard diesel engine is also a fine choice.

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3. Range Rover

The Range Rover has become so much more than just a luxury SUV – it’s one of the best luxury cars on sale, and does battle with the likes of the Mercedes S-Class in terms of prestige and comfort. Its vast size means that there’s ample room for five people, with plenty of boot space to carry luggage as well, although if you’d prefer then Land Rover will sell you a version with two individually reclining rear seats and a longer wheelbase.

Material quality inside is top notch and it gets Range Rover’s latest infotainment system which is fantastic and responsive to touches and swipes. This is a car that leads the pack in terms of image, and with a selection of powerful engines under the bonnet it has a surprisingly brisk level of performance when the need arises.

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4. Jaguar F-Pace

Jaguar might not have the heritage of its sister brand Land Rover when it comes to creating SUVs, but the F-Pace is a very impressive first attempt that manages to out-do many rivals at their own game. It’s more of a sporting SUV than the other cars on this list, but that just means that it offers drivers better feedback and is able to put the frighteners on sports cars if you choose one of the V6 versions.

Inside, there’s a slightly lower driving position than some SUV drivers will be used to, but a stylish layout and surprising amount of space come as standard. If you’re looking at basic versions of the F-Pace then you may be a little disappointed with the tech and certain areas of cabin quality, but spend a little more and you’ll get more leather and electronic goodies. Plus, to our eyes it’s one of the best -ooking SUVs on sale today.

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5. Range Rover Sport

If you want something a little more dynamic and slightly smaller than the big-daddy Range Rover, then the Range Rover Sport is well worth a look. You get virtually the same luxurious and well-built interior as in the larger car, but with a slightly lower seating position. You do get the option of seven seats, but the rear-most two are best left for kids.

The Sport also adds a degree of erm, sportiness, that’s otherwise unheard of in the Land Rover stable. All the available engines are powerful and smooth, and the SVR version has a raucous supercharged V8 petrol engine that’s incredibly loud and fast. As an added bonus, this incredibly desirable package is actually cheaper than the larger vehicle, yet it has virtually all the same plus points, and a few of its own as well!

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6. BMW X5

BMW arguably kicked off the modern trend for luxury SUVs with the original X5, offering a vehicle that offered a raised driving height and reasonable off-road abilities, but with a hatchback-like driving experience and luxurious interior. The current car continues this lineage, and brings even more luxury and a dash more practicality to boot – seven seats are an option, and nearly every surface is soft to the touch.

Gadget-lovers will also love the BMW’s interior, with a whole host of tech and driving aids to make life easier. BMW’s iDrive remains arguably the best infotainment system around, and we love the colour heads-up display that shows key information to the driver at a glance. The X5 is available with a wide range of engines, from an economical four-cylinder diesel, to the slightly bonkers X5-M, with its powerful V8 and 4.2 second 0-62 mph time.

7. Bentley Bentayga

If it’s pure luxury that you’re after, then it’s hard to argue with the Bentley Bentayga. It may share its platform and certain parts with the Audi Q7, but the vast majority of this huge SUV is hand finished in Crewe to Bentley’s typically high standards. Bentley allows owners to thoroughly personalise their Bentaygas, with an almost infinite number of colour choices for both inside and outside the car… you can even get a clock that costs more than £125,000!

As with the Range Rover, you can choose the Bentayga in five- or four-seat versions, with rear passengers in the latter being treated to limo-like accommodation. Factor in the twin-turbocharged W12 engine and you’ll quickly realise that this isn’t the most luxurious SUV on sale, but also the fastest – its top speed is 187mph.

8. Mercedes GLE

Mercedes replaced its long-running ML with the GLE in 2015, but fans of the older car don’t have to worry because the GLE is essentially the same vehicle, with a few noticeable changes to give it a boost against rivals. Chief of these is arguably the updated cabin, with a larger infotainment screen and a newer version of the Comand infotainment system. Plastics remain high quality, too, even if the overall interior design is a little dated.

Rather than trying to squeeze an extra row of seats into the GLE, Mercedes has instead focused on providing ample room for five and their luggage in total comfort. Refinement is very good, helped by a new nine-speed automatic gearbox and optional air-suspension. As with rivals, you can get the GLE with a range of powerful diesel and petrol engines, but there’s also a coupe version if you fancy something with a bit more style.

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9. Lexus RX

If you’re after a hassle free luxury SUV, then you won’t go far wrong with the Lexus RX – the Japanese brand is consistently rated one of the best by owners, thanks to great reliability and excellent dealers. That’s not to say that the RX doesn’t have anything going for it too, because the latest model has a beautifully constructed cabin, with a strong sense of luxury and quality to go with the reassurance that things won’t go wrong.

The Lexus may not be as spacious as rivals, but running costs should be reasonable thanks to the available hybrid engine – refinement is also very good, though the CVT automatic gearbox might not be to all tastes. The RX’s looks are quite polarising, too, but we reckon that it looks quite sharp, and it’s certainly more distinctive than the rather bland previous generation car.

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10. Mercedes GLS

The Mercedes GLS is one of the largest SUVs available to buy in the UK, and is a great choice if you regularly carry seven people. Inside you’ll find a huge cabin, with loads of standard equipment and Mercedes‘ Comand infotainment system. Quality is very good, but it’s a little disappointing that the design is identical to that of the cheaper GLE, and heavily based on the old ML/GL – models which were released back in 2012.

A long wheelbase and standard air suspension means that the GLS makes a relaxing motorway choice, but its sheer size could make multi-storey car parks and city streets a bit of a nightmare. Most buyers will choose the diesel engine, but those with deep pockets should take a look at the AMG model – you won’t believe something this big can move that fast.

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Audi Q7

Beautifully made large 4x4 can seat seven people
£49,505 - £55,590
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Volvo XC90

Class-leading premium SUV with room for seven adults
£47,350 - £64,555
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Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Sporty SUV offers performance, luxury and seven seats
£59,700 - £88,770
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