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The biggest SUVs

There’s dozens of SUVs that offer space and practicality – the attributes that make these kind of cars so popular. Whether you need the space, or like the high driving position, SUVs are a cut above their smaller hatchback siblings.

Some though, are more desirable than others – we’ve put together a list of 10 that mix not only practicality and space, but refinement too. Remember to check out our deals page to make sure you get a great price on your new car.

Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery is one of the most versatile and capable SUVs on the market – its popularity isn’t just down to its four-wheel-drive capabilities – step inside and you’ll find a spacious, well appointed interior that’s as luxurious as it is durable.

The body measures just under five metres in length, resulting in plenty of legroom for all seven passengers. Folding them down will reveal a boot with 1,260 litres of capacity and, with all five folded, space is on par with a small van.

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Kia Sorento

The Kia Sorento is great value for money – with prices from under £30,000, you’ll struggle to get a bigger SUV for much less. While the interior can’t quite match the quality of more expensive counterparts, the dimensions are impressive – it’ll seat five adults in supreme comfort.

For occasional trips, the seats in the boot offer a reasonable amount of room too, although they’re better suited for the kids. With them folded flat, a more than reasonable 660 litres of capacity is on offer by the boot and, thanks to the car’s height, lugging things in and out should be a doddle.

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Mercedes GLS

The Mercedes GLS is an imposing vehicle – some reviewers have said that it might even me a little too big for the UK but, if you’re after lots of space and a capable SUV, there’s few competitors. Thanks to its more traditional SUV lines, not only is legroom fantastic, but headroom is in abundance too – even for the rearmost passengers.

While most seven-seat SUVs struggle to provide enough space for a cabin full of adults – this isn’t a problem for the GLS. However, If you aren’t put off by the thought of parking it, perhaps the price will – at £70,000 it’s not a cheap car and, due to its vast proportions, running it won’t be much cheaper.

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Audi Q7

The Audi Q7 was the German company’s attempt to take on the Range Rover, and its latest incarnation does so just as well as its predecessor. While remaining one of the biggest SUVs you can buy, the body is slightly shorter and lighter than before which has improved looks and fuel economy.

While the outside has shrunk, the occupants will find there’s more space once you step inside – five adults can travel in comfort, surrounded by the usual quality materials an Audi interior offers and, while some SUVs make you choose between extra seats and luggage room, the Q7 manages to keep 295 litres of capacity with all seven seats in place.

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Volvo XC90

The Volvo XC90 is a huge SUV that’s long been a favourite for families wanting lots of space. Despite its humungous proportions, the latest model gets a rakish front end putting it up there with its German rivals in the style department.

Climbing into the cab, it’s clear the interior has seen as much development as the outside – aside from the oodles of space, there’s new tech including a nine-inch infotainment touchscreen. You’ll also easily fit two adults in the rearmost seats too, who’ll feel just as cosetted by the upmarket interior as the other occupants.

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Hyundai Santa Fe

The Hyundai Santa Fe shares much of its platform with the Sorento so, as you’d expect, it’s just as roomy inside. Its £31,000 price tag makes it a cheap alternative to others on this list, but from the outside, it still has the looks of a premium, quality SUV.

Inside, there’s all the accoutrements and space you’d expect from a large SUV while the general quality of fittings is excellent. While there’s acres of room for five passengers, you’ll have to pay more if you want the extra seats in the boot and, whille still reasonably priced, it’s not the most spacious rear row.

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Range Rover

The Range Rover combines superb off-road ability with opulent and refined style. Both these factors are influenced by its size – if you want to make an impression, you can be assured the Range Rover is up to the task.  If you see yourself wafting along in a Range Rover though, you’ll have to stump up at least £75,000.

If the already immense standard car isn’t enough, there’s a long-wheelbase model that provides even more legroom for rear passengers too. Opening up the split-tailgate will reveal an astonishing 909 litres of space – while the cabin is one of the most luxurious money can buy, this means it’ll be immensly practical too.

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Toyota Landcruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser is as capable off-road as its gargantuos looks suggest – it’ll tackle almost any terrain you throw at it, and carry five adults and their luggage while doing so. There’s also a seven seater model, and even at full capacity, all occupants will feel dwarfed in the airy cabin.

With 621 litres of boot space, it beats many more expensive SUVs for outright capacity – prices start at £35,000, putting it in direct competition with much smaller counterparts. The compromise comes in the way it drives though – while some big SUVs feel as easy to drive as a small hatchback, the Land Cruiser will constantly remind you of its titan bulk – it’s not the easiest car to park.

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Volkswagen Touareg

The Volkswagen Touareg is a smart looking SUV with a smart interior and usual Volkswagen levels of build quality. It might lack the swanky appeal of a Q7, but its size-wise, it’s very similar. The latest model has even more rear legroom than its predecessor, while was already more than ample.

While its quality and space rivals the Audi, you can’t spec a Touareg with seven seats – in their place you’ll find 580 litres of boot space. Although this should be all you’ll ever need, it still can’t quite match the Q7 in this regard either. That said, it’s around £5,000 cheaper than the Audi at under £43,000 – for an SUV with luxury appeal, that’s great value for money.

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Bentley Bentayga

If a Range Rover or Mercedes GL just doesn’t cut it, the Bentley Bentayga is an SUV that promises to blow them out the water – at £230,000, it’s by far the most expensive SUV ever built and, as you’d expect, its overall dimensions are jaw dropping.

Once you’ve stepped back in awe of its scale, climb aboard and marvel at the exquisitely turned out interior – it’s full of leather and all the other luxurious materials you can expect. You can choose between 15 shades of hide and, if you’re feeling extravagent, spec it with a Mulliner Tourbillon clock – that’ll add around £150,000 to the purchase price.

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What next?

Remember to check out our deals pages to get a fantastic price on any cars on this list or, if you aren’t after a huge SUV, our car chooser will help you find something that’s right for you.

Land Rover Range Rover (2013-2017)

A luxury SUV that can do serious off-roading
£77,235 - £167,350
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Volkswagen Touareg (2014-2017)

Large SUV's a good allrounder, but no class leader
£45,970 - £51,930
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