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Most economical SUVs

SUVs and crossovers are very popular with buyers, but many favourites are quite expensive – both to run and to buy – so, if a Range Rover Sport or a Mercedes M-Class are a bit out of your budget, these may be the better alternatives for you.

SUVs are great because you get the practicality offered by a 4×4 but with car-like running costs. Check out our top-10 list of the most fuel efficient SUVs on sale.

10 – Land Rover Discovery Sport 44-46mpg

The new Land Rover Discovery Sport is a fine looking, Range Rover Evoque-inspired vehicle with fairly frugal engines to match. It’s at the bigger end of what we’d call a crossover but, despite its size, it’s doesn’t use much fuel. It can return up to 46mpg – not bad for a vehicle that, in seven-seat form, weighs more than two-and-a-half tonnes.

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9 – Volkswagen Tiguan 53mpg

The VW Tiguan is a reliable and dependable choice despite its advancing years. Its understated looks appeal to buyers and its 53mpg fuel economy is reassuringly high. It’s a sensible option because it’s a safe, practical car that can withstand the daily abuse of the school run or take a boot full of rubbish to your local tip.

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8 – Dacia Duster 35-56mpg

The Dacia Duster is one of our favourite crossovers for its simple mechanicals, and its affordability. It undercuts everything here – costing from just £9,495 and rising to £15,995 for the top-spec model. It’s fairly well equipped, too, with a seven-inch colour screen with sat nav offered as an option. Just don’t go thinking you’ll find a stylish cabin with luxurious feeling materials – it’s a cheap car and the interior reflects this.

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7 – Audi Q3 32-61mpg

The Audi Q3 is winning hearts and minds of families all over the country. Frugality may be a positive, but the Q3 does have a few downsides – primarily that it’s not as exciting to drive as its BMW and Mazda rivals. It has desirability on its side, however, as well as practicality and solid-feeling German engineering. The cabin is very well made and feels robust enough to cope with family life. Efficient diesel options are the icing on the cake.

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6 – BMW X1 36-62mpg

The BMW X1 has a desirable badge and a reliably Germanic image that’s sure to pull in buyers. Its styling is fairly mundane, however, and with a starting price of £24,230 it’s fairly expensive. That said, it will appeal to anyone who wants an SUV that won’t break the bank and its range of efficient diesel engines are sure to keep costs down.

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5 – Skoda Yeti 44-62mpg

A well-priced crossover with Volkswagen and Audi underpinnings – that pretty much sums up why people buy a Skoda Yeti. It uses VW group components so reliability is strong. So too is its fuel efficiency, even if horsepower is on the low side. It may have fairly bland looks but it’s a very serious option and really does rival all the other cars on this top ten list in terms of price, practicality and, of course, economy.

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4 – Honda CR-V 36-64mpg

The Honda CR-V‘s economy is surprising considering this is probably one of the larger crossovers in its class. Testers rate the way it drives and its efficiency but say it lacks imagination in terms of its styling and interior, which feels fairly basic in comparison to other vehicles on this list. Despite this, it’s a well made and comfortable package that delivers what it promises.

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3 – Mercedes GLA 37-67mpg

The Mercedes GLA offers good ground clearance and a surprising amount of room inside. Not only is it practical, but is impressively economical, with average fuel economy similar to the smaller Mercedes A-Class hatchback. As good looking, well made and Germanic as it is, however, the GLA is far from cheap – costing from £26,265 and rising to an eye-watering £46,390 it’s what we’d term ‘a bit dear’.

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2 – Nissan Juke 38-70mpg

The Nissan Juke‘s frugality is superb, managing 70mpg in 1.5-litre diesel guise. However there is a slight issue with the Juke – it’s very much a ‘Marmite’ car; you either love or loathe its looks, especially the front end which, we think, resembles the face of a frog. Regardless, its competitive pricing keeps it popular.

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1 – Suzuki Vitara 50-70mpg

The Suzuki Vitara uses remarkably little fuel – managing 70mpg in 1.6-litre diesel form. Not only is it frugal but, thanks to its low emissions, it costs between £20 and £30 a year to tax – fantastic for what is still a sizeable family car. It’s number one on this list because it’s an excellent all-rounder. Its interior may be a little on the plastic side but it’s cheap to buy and very practical thanks to a good sized boot and cabin space.

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What next?

If you like the look of any of the cars on this list, head over to our car configurator to see how much carwow could help you save. For more options, check out our deals page to see our latest discounts.

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A funky looking small family car that’s cheap to run
£15,195 - £28,230
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