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Audi Q2 colours guide and prices

Audi’s Q2 is a compact SUV boasting a spacious cabin, excellent build quality and a selection of modern engines. If you’ve decided you prefer the Q2 to its Nissan Juke and Renault Captur rivals, this colours guide will help you choose the perfect paint job for your new car.

If you’re struggling to tell the difference between solid, metallic and special paint finishes, read our car paint types guide for more information.

Solid colours

Ibis White – £0

Ibis White is the only no-cost paint option on the Audi Q2. A plain shade such as this should compliment its funky angular styling but such bright white paintwork will require regular attention to keep it looking its best. Used buyers will be fond of this hue.

Vegas Yellow – £550

A Q2 in punchy Vegas Yellow will certainly stand out from the crowd. This light-coloured hue will require a fair amount of cleaning to stay looking sharp, however, and it may prove tricky to sell when you’re ready to replace your car, too.

Metallic colours

Coral Orange – £550

Dark Coral Orange is a distinct metallic colour with strong hints of brown – as a result, it should the hide dirt and grime from British roads relatively well. A Q2 in this shade may prove slightly more tricky to sell, however, than a more conventional option.

Glacier White – £550

Glacier White offers customers a premium alternative to the solid Ibis White option. Its metallic finish should help make the most of the Q2’s bold styling, especially in bright sunlight, but dirt and grime will make their presence felt almost immediately on such pale paintwork. Like other white shades, used buyers will be quick to snap this up.

Mythos Black – £550

Mythos Black is the only black offered on the new Q2 and should help give it a smart, sophisticated appearance. Black cars tend to prove easy to sell on the second hand car market but they do require regular cleaning to stay looking their best – cheaper car washes can leave unsightly swirl marks on the paintwork, so it pays not to cut corners.

Nano Grey – £550

If you regularly cover many motorway miles, Nano Grey could be the perfect colour for you – its dark finish should do an excellent job of concealing dirt. As an added bonus, a Q2 in this colour should present no headaches when the time comes to sell on.

Tango Red – £550

Bright Tango Red paintwork should help to give the Q2 a sporty appearance. This shade should prove moderately easy to sell when the time comes and should stay looking clean for a fair length of time between washes, too.

Pearlescent colours

Daytona Grey – £550

Daytona Grey is a slightly lighter shade than metallic Nano Grey but it should do a similarly good job of hiding grime. Its pearlescent finish should give this otherwise sober hue a bit of extra character, however, especially in direct sunlight.

Crystal colours

Ara Blue – £775

Ara Blue is the only crystal effect colour Audi currently offers on the Q2. This bright shade should help your new car stand out but will require regular cleaning to stay looking factory fresh. It’s more expensive than any other paint option and, while used buyers will be keen on it, this extra cost may not translate into greater resale value.

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Audi Q2

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