Hyundai i30 and i30 Tourer colours guide with prices

It’s an eye-catching hatchback offering great value for money and a distinctive design but, if you have the Hyundai i30 in mind as your next car, what colour should you get it in? We list all the shades to help you choose.

The i30 and its i30 Tourer estate sibling come in one solid colour, one pearl effect and six metallic shades, though not every trim offers every shade. The Turbo three- and five-door models, for example, only come in a choice of Polar White, or Jet Black and Pepper Grey.

Put either the Hyundai i30 or the Hyundai i30 Tourer in our car configurator to see how much carwow could help you save. To learn the differences between solid, metallic and pearlescent hues, our car paint types guide will help you out.

Solid colours

Polar White – £0

You ought to have no problems reselling this slightly off-white shade. White is often charged for, so it’s good to see it’s free on the i30. However, be prepared for very regular washing, since this colour won’t offer the smallest speck of grime any hiding places.

Metallic colours

Pepper Grey – £530

This grey is towards the darker end of the spectrum, and looks smart on the Hyundai. It’s also a sensible choice in terms of resales – grey is a perennially popular vehicular shade. While a darker hue would hide grubbiness for longer, you’ll be getting out the bucket and sponge less often than you would for a white car.

Ruby Wine – £530

A rich, dark red, Ruby Wine is deep enough that you probably wouldn’t describe it as garish. While it’s quite stylish and distinctive, just remember it may not be everyone’s top colour choice meaning reselling could take a little longer. It’ll hide dirt better than many lighter hues.

Ara Blue – £530

Ara is a sky blue that might be a shade too bright for some, so bear that in mind when reselling. Nevertheless, it should put some brightness in your drive and help you to stand out on the road. It’s likely to do better than paler shades in the frequency of cleaning stakes, but not as well as darker ones.

Ultimate Red – £530

Brighter than the Ruby Wine, this is a deep pillar box red. It’s not as sought after as some darker shades so selling it on might take longer than a black car. As a mid-spectrum colour, it will do pretty averagely in terms of how often it’ll need cleaning.

Ash Blue – £530

This is arguably a more sober hue than the Ara Blue, and it’s certainly a shade darker. After black and white, blue is one of the more favoured vehicular colours, and so we wouldn’t imagine you’d have a lengthy wait for a used buyer. It should conceal grime for longer than a paler colour, though not as long as a dark grey would.

Platinum Silver – £530

This colour is the sort of brushed steel silver we like for our electronic gadgets. It’s very much sought after as a car colour, making it a smart choice as far as selling on is concerned. It’s a light silver so you’ll be washing it more frequently than darker colours.

Pearl colours

Phantom Black – £530

The pearlescent sheen on this black gives it an almost smoky appearance. It’s the only black offered on the i30 and it’s a smart shade – no wonder London cabs and the like love this colour so much. It’s likely to be a hit with future buyers, too, so you should have no delays on the reselling front. Just watch out for cheaper car washes – they can leave unsightly swirl marks behind on black cars.

Save money on your new Hyundai i30

Put either the Hyundai i30 or the Hyundai i30 Tourer in our car configurator to see how much carwow could help you save. If you’re still looking for your next car, let our car chooser help narrow down your options.

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