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Just add fuel new car finance deals

Just add fuel is a scheme run by Peugeot that includes all the costs of owning a car in the monthly payment for the car. That means insurance, road tax, servicing and roadside assistance are all covered. Naturally, this means your monthly repayments will be higher than on a finance package that just pays for the car, but it also makes things convenient – and possibly cheaper than normal if you’re a young driver who would otherwise cost a lot to insure.

What is Just Add Fuel?

Just Add Fuel is a finance package that includes almost every cost required to run a car over the course of a year. The monthly payments include servicing costs, road tax, insurance and roadside assistance – all consolidated into a simple figure. The only thing you’ll need to budget for is fuel – hence the name!

What type of finance package is Just Add Fuel based on?

Just Add Fuel operates much like a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) scheme. A PCP combines a deposit, monthly payments and an agreed value for the car at the end of the contract. At this point, the customer can either pay off this value to own the car, use the value of the car as a deposit to put towards a new vehicle, or they can simply hand the car back to the dealer, leaving them free to buy something else.

Which cars are available with Just Add Fuel?

The Just Add Fuel package is exclusive to Peugeot. Initially devised to make the costs of motoring more manageable for younger drivers, the scheme covers the majority of the French brand’s range. Certain trim levels of the 108 city car and 108 TOP convertible, the 208, the 2008 along with the 308 and 308 SW Estate are all offered on the deal.

Are there any downsides to Just Add Fuel?

If you’re searching for a simple finance package, it’s hard to knock Just Add Fuel. For further ease, the finance deals are all set to a three-year agreement and the deposit amount is fixed – okay for some, but it might not suit those who prefer to tailor a finance package precisely to their own taste. In addition, some deals also require the installation of a ‘Black Box’ telematics recorder in your car to monitor your driving standards. Finally, as a Peugeot-only offer, it does limit your choice of cars somewhat…

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