Caterham Commemorates 40th Anniversary With Free Special-Edition Seven Package

Look back on the history of Caterham Cars, and youll uncover what is perhaps one of the motor industrys most remarkable little tales.

After all, heres a brand that began over four decades ago as an official Lotus dealership, and now its doing everything from making record-breaking performance cars to fielding a fully-fledged F1 team.

As a result, the now Crawley-based company has every right to celebrate its 40 th birthday, and its doing do by offloading a free 40 Years of Caterham extras package to almost the entire Seven range.

Caterham Seven 40 driving

And we do mean almost the entire Seven range: whether its the humble Roadsport 125 or the truly ballistic R500 Superlight, no road legal variant of Caterhams track day toy - bar the Classic - is exempt from the package.

Included in the pack are a variety of small, but novel upgrades to the Seven that go some way to making back-to-basics performance motoring that little bit more appealing to buyers who like a few creature comforts here and there.

Though you will have to be a fan of grey, as everything from the dashboard, the transmission tunnel top, the handbrake lever and even the piping on the leather seats are only available in that colour.

Caterham Seven 40 interior

At least theres a bit of variety when it comes to the other aspects of the car: UK models come exclusively with a new silver 15inch alloy wheel design, whilst the Ruby red paint is complemented with the obligatory silver bonnet stripes.

Though, if you do opt for the aforementioned R500 model, the alloys and the grey dashboard arent available for some bizarre, unknown reason.

To top it all off, all cars come with a numbered plaque and an embossed 40YOC set of keys, so you can flaunt the exclusivity of your latest acquisition at the next Caterham Owners Club meeting.

Priced from: 19,995 (Roadsport) to 42,995 (R500)
Available: Now

Caterham Seven 40 key


If this all sounds too good to be true it is, after all, a package that includes several s worth of options for no additional fee then thats because, in part, it is: only 40 Caterham Sevens will be made to this specification, will be granted on a first-come-first-served basis, and is only available on new orders as of today.

And this isnt a package thats exclusive to the UK and Europe: every potential Seven buyer around the world with approx. 20Ks of spare change can theoretically put their name down for one. So, if you really are interested, its best you head down to your nearest Caterham dealership as soon as possible, and scribble your signature on the order form pronto...

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