Volvo XC60 size and dimensions guide

Volvo’s XC60 family SUV promises to be noticeably more upmarket than the model it replaces. It’s also grown in size so, to work out whether it’ll still fit into your lifestyle, read our full dimensions guide to see how it compares to the popular BMW X3, Audi Q5 and Mercedes GLC.

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Volvo XC60 exterior dimensions

The XC60 definitely leans towards the larger end of the scale, measuring 4,688mm in length – longer than the 4,656mm Mercedes GLC, the 4,663mm Audi Q5 and the 4,657mm BMW X3. It’s the second widest including the mirrors at 2,117mm with only the 2,140mm Q5 pipping it. What’s more, it’s the second lowest of the group, measuring 1,658mm – just 19mm taller than the low-slung GLC.

While it’s hardly a lightweight, it doesn’t feel oversized on British roads. Thin windscreen pillars combined with large rear-side windows make it easy to see out and all models get rear parking sensors as standard with front sensors and a reversing camera on the options list.

Volvo XC60 exterior dimensions
Length 4,688mm
Width including door mirrors 2,117mm
Height 1,658mm
Wheelbase 2,865mm

Volvo XC60 interior dimensions

It’s tricky to compare passenger space between the XC60 and its rivals due to the different ways manufacturers measure their cabins. Nevertheless, the XC60 is more than spacious enough for four six-foot adults to sit in comfort while the centre-rear seat is wide enough that the fifth passenger won’t feel massively short changed. The doors open wide and the fact the seat bases are closer to your hips than in a regular hatchback means you don’t have to stoop as much to fit a child seat.

Volvo XC60 interior dimensions
Headroom (front/rear) 1,037mm/988mm
Legroom (front/rear) 1,055mm/965mm
Shoulder room (front/rear) 1,478mm/1,430mm

Volvo XC60 boot space

While the Volvo promises passenger space that’s as good or better than its rivals, its boot is a little smaller. The XC60 claims 505 litres with the rear seats in place, increasing to 1,432 with them folded. This is a little smaller than the 550-litre boots on its three German rivals. It’s still usefully large, however, with a square opening and no load lip to haul heavy objects over.

Volvo XC60 boot space
Boot space seats up 505 litres
Boot space seats folded 1,432 litres

Volvo XC60 fuel tank size and turning circle

The XC60’s fuel tank changes size depending on what engine you pick. Entry level D4 diesels and T5 petrols have 60-litre tanks while the upgraded D5 Powerpulse unit gets a 71-litre tank. Powerful plug-in-hybrid T8 models get a smaller 50-litre tank reflecting their reduced fuel consumption and need to store the car’s batteries.

The XC60’s turning circle is a middling 11.4 metres – a far cry from the most agile of city cars, but marginally better than its main rivals. The X3 musters 11.9 metres while the GLC and Q5 can turn around in 11.8 and 11.7 metres respectively.

Volvo XC60 fuel tank and turning circle
Fuel tank capacity 50-71 litres
Turning circle 11.14m

Volvo XC60 weight and towing capacity

Unsurprisingly, the XC60 is a heavy car. The lightest model, the petrol T5, weighs 1,779kg – less than the 1,805kg X3 and the 1,845kg GLC, but still quite a lot more than the Q5’s impressively low 1,645kg figure. Bear in mind that these figures might not be totally comparable due to differences in the way different marques measure their own cars.

The Volvo matches most of its main rivals for towing capacity, too. It can haul up to 2,400kg on a braked trailer – 2,100kg for the plug-in-hybrid T8 model. This matches both the Q5 and the X3 with only the GLC managing to best it at 2,500kg. The max towball weight for all XC60s is 110kg.

Volvo XC60 weight and towing capacity
Weight (lightest/heaviest) 1,779kg/2,086kg
Max towing weight (braked/unbraked) 2,400kg/750kg
Max towball weight 110kg
Max payload 664kg

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Volvo XC60

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