2020 BMW M5 spotted

November 04, 2019 by

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The 2020 BMW M5 has been spotted being benchmarked against the current model. Here’s everything you need to know about the updated super saloon.

A facelifted version of the BMW M5 has been seen testing at the Nurburgring along with a current model.

Changes to the M5 will be limited to a redesigned front end and headlights

As hinted at by the car’s light camouflage – only the front and the back are hidden – the 2020 M5 is an update of the current model, rather than an all-new car.

You can expect to choose from new alloy wheel designs

With BMW’s propensity to make its new models, how best to put this – uglier – than the cars they replace, maybe we should be thankful that this is only a light update. It’s likely to take the form of redesigned, sleeker headlights – potentially with the option to upgrade to BMW’s laser lights – and a reshaped front bumper.

The back end, meanwhile, will get similar treatment with reworked tail lights and an updated bumper design.

The revised look will be complete with a freshened up rear end

The mere fact that BMW is testing the new M5 with the old car indicates that there will be performance improvements, though its hard to imagine needing much more than the 600hp you get from the current model. As a result, you can expect the car to get from 0-60mph in a little less than the 3.4 seconds it takes the outgoing model.