Ferrari 488 Spider rendered

After the recent release of the stunning Ferrari 488 GTB and our imagined 488 GTO we started to wonder, what would an open-top version look like?

Luckily, our friends over at had the same idea, and produced these images of an open-top version of the new mid-engined Ferrari. And we bet you thought the 488 couldn’t look any more spectacular…

As with the 488 coupe, a new turbocharged V8 derived from the Ferrari California T replaces the old 4.5-litre unit from the 458. Performance and aerodynamic efficiency of the Spider will be very slightly blunted by the inclusion of a folding roof, so top speed will likely be ‘only’ 200mph, rather than the 205mph achievable in the coupe.

In its predecessor, the electrically operated roof was made from aluminium and added 50 kilos to the Spider’s kerb weight. The system took only fourteen seconds to operate, revealing infinite headroom for anyone lucky enough to be sat in the gorgeous cabin. The dash is likely to remain nearly identical to the coupe, so expect a simple, driver-focussed environment trimmed in leather and carbon fibre.

Although not yet officially announced by Ferrari, expect the Spider to be available to order within the next couple of years. The 458 Spider carried a £20,000 premium over its coupe counterpart, so don’t expect much change from £200,000.

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