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The Best Super Bowl Car Ads 2011

The best car commercials that will be shown at the 2011 Super Bowl. Car brands always deliver some excellent adverts which air during the ad-breaks, and these are our favourites.

The Super Bowl is the biggest TV event in America, it’s the final of the NFL American Football League. An advert slot during the Super Bowl is the most expensive anywhere in the world. A 30 second commercial can cost as much as $3 million. Car manufacturers are one of the few companies that can afford those prime-time slots, and they always come up with some brilliant ideas.

Mercedes Super Bowl Advert 2011

The Mercedes advert nicely shows some of the best cars they have produced over the years, as well as featuring some of their newest cars, including the new SLK and new CLS. They’ve used the advert to reveal the SLS AMG Roadster for the first time. P Diddy also makes a very brief cameo.

Chrysler Super Bowl Advert 2011

This was the longest Super Bowl advert ever, at 2 minutes long. It’s a powerful reminder of the difficulties Detroit has been through and highlights its importance to the car industry.

Audi Super Bowl Advert 2011

Audi’s advert pokes fun at America’s upper class and says old luxury is dead. Amusingly they even feature one of their competitors cars and suggest this is an old-fashioned object. The ad is to show the new Audi A8 and how modern it is.


Kia Super Bowl Advert 2011

Kia’s commercial tries to fit in everything a blockbuster movie needs; aliens, helicopters, yachts and evil baddies. It’s a brilliant advert that is designed to push the new Kia Optima.

Volkswagen Super Bowl Advert 2011


VW have come up with the funniest advert for this year’s super bowl, named ‘The Force’. It’s also the most viewed so far, with over 9.5 millon times already!


Chevrolet Super Bowl Advert 2011

Chevrolet have gone for a home-made look for their commercial. It’s an ad for the Camaro, which suddenly takes an unexpected turn.

Many of these ads first seen on the excellent Oversteer blog.

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