Audi TT RS interior

The TT RS keeps the regular TT’s layout and features.


That, readers, is a Very Good Thing – there is a refreshingly limited amount of buttons and the TT RS has beautifully sculpted air vents that house controls for the air temperature and heated seats.

The standard TT cabin is already pretty sporty, so the RS additions – mainly the body-hugging seats and a steering wheel plucked from the R8 – don’t stand out too much. The steering wheel is a joy to hold, though, and comes with toggles that control the driving modes and the engine ignition for that, ahem, “genuine” race-car experience.

The £895 RS design package adds some extra character. It brings red accents to the air-vents, plus RS-embossed floor mats and seat belts. Blow another £850 and you can replace the aluminium trim pieces with ones constructed from lightweight carbon-fibre.

Getting out of the rear seats feels like being born again

Mat Watson
carwow expert


Using the Virtual Cockpit 12.3-inch high-definition screen, the infotainment system can not only show you the usual info – for speed, distance and mileage – but also a wealth of other information. Most impressive is the sat-nav mode, which shrinks the speedometer and rev counter in favour of a detailed map for the sat-nav. Unique to the TT RS is the Performance mode where the rev counter dominates, surrounded by readouts for power output, g-forces and tyre pressures.

The infotainment system supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and is controlled by the rotary dial between the seats, the multi-function steering wheel or simply by voice commands. The small touchpad on top of the round controller can be used to write out letters and the search function is more conversational so it understands the same commands as Apple’s Siri.

For £325 you can have Audi’s Phone Box. This imaginatively named storage area means you can charge your phone wirelessly (if it’s compatible) and lends it use of the car’s aerial for better reception.

Available trims

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