Mercedes AMG CLA 45 Coupe (2016-2019) interior

Inside, there isn’t too much of a difference between the CLA 45 and an AMG A-Class, but that’s not a bad thing because the cabin is very high-quality for this size of car


For a car of this size, the cabin is very high in quality

You get some classy touches with the CLA 45, such as the red stitching on the leather that covers half the dashboard and the gear selector looks like it’s been lifted straight from the £80,000 2015 E63 AMG.

The interior is straight out of the A-class but with a healthy dose of AMG

Mat Watson
carwow expert


For a car of this size, the cabin is very high in quality

The infotainment system is relatively easy to use thanks to the rotary dial positioned on the centre console. That knob lets you navigate through the menus where you can adjust many things such as the car’s driving modes, your smartphone or the sound system. If anything, it’s baffling why Mercedes decided to keep a full numeric keypad on the dashboard – it only makes it look dated next to the S3 Saloon’s cleaner cockpit.

Mercedes AMG CLA 45 Coupe (2016-2019)
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