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Audi Q2 size and dimensions guide

The Audi Q2 is a compact SUV designed to offer a premium alternative to the likes of the Mini Countryman and the Nissan Juke. With funky styling and attractive interior, the Q2 should prove a hit with buyers. But how easy will it be to live with every day? We take a look at how it measures up.

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Audi Q2 external dimensions

Small crossovers like the Audi Q2 are proving so popular because, despite their chunky looks, they take up very little space on the road. At less than 4.2 metres long, the Q2 takes up 64mm less space on the road than a Volkswagen Golf. It’s marginally narrower, too.

If length is a vital consideration, it’s worth noting that the 4,097mm Mini is 94mm shorter than the Q2. Compared to its bigger brother, the Audi Q3, the Q2 is 197mm shorter, 10mm narrower, 100mm lower and has a 8mm shorter wheelbase – this generally indicates the Q2 makes better use of its space than the Q3.

Audi Q2 external dimensions
Length 4,191mm
Width including mirrors 2,009mm
Height 1,508mm
Wheelbase 2,595mm

Audi Q2 interior dimensions

Inside, the Q2 stacks up well against rivals for passenger space. Headroom is pretty much the same as the Countryman front and rear while shoulder room is noticeably better in the Audi. The big seller in the class – the Nissan Juke – lags behind the Audi in both areas, while the Q2’s extra glass area makes the cabin feel much more airy – particularly in the back.

Compared to the older Q3, the Q2 actually has 10mm more front headroom while only losing out on 13mm of rear headroom. The Q2’s newer platform certainly helps it make better use of its cabin space than the Q3.

Audi Q2 interior dimensions
Headroom (front/rear) 1,029mm/956mm
Shoulder room (front/rear) 1,390mm/1,437mm

Audi Q2 boot space

The Q2 continues to score well on the practicality front, too. Its 405-litre boot doesn’t just beat the 350-litre volume offered by the Mini, but it’s also more generous than traditional family hatchbacks such as the 380-litre Golf and the 370-litre Vauxhall Astra. Despite being smaller than the Q3, the Q2 is only 15 litres down on boot space.

Thanks to a folding rear bench – which, as an optional extra, can split in a 40/20/40 configuration – capacity can increase to a maximum of 1,050 litres. The seats folded figure trails the Q3 by 275 litres.

Audi Q2 boot space
Seats up 405 litres
Seats folded 1,050 litres

Audi Q2 turning circle and fuel tank capacity

A tight turning circle has great benefits for town and city driving, making three-point turns easier, and exiting tight parking spaces less of a chore. An 11.1-metre circle is similar to the typical family hatch and pretty much average for the small crossover category.

The most frugal Q2 from launch is expected to be the 1.6-litre diesel. Capable of an estimated 65mpg, it should be possible to eke out approximately 715 miles from its 50-litre fuel tank.

Audi Q2 turning circle and fuel tank
Turning circle 11.1 metres
Fuel tank 50 litres

Audi Q2 weight

Audi has yet to release full details of the Q2’s kerb weight, though we do know that the 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol model weighs 1,280kg when equipped with the optional DSG automatic gearbox.

Based on the weight of the Audi A3 – which shares its platform and engines with the Q2 – we estimate that the 2.0-litre diesel will weigh approximately 80kg more than the 1.4, with the quattro four-wheel-drive system adding a further 80kg on top of that. The lightest model in the range should be the 1.0-litre petrol – tipping the scales at around 1,225kg.

Audi Q2 weight (estimated)
Lightest Heaviest
1,255kg (1.0 TSI) 1,440kg (2.0 TDI quattro DSG)

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