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Buying Tyres Online – Is it a Good Idea?

April 11, 2012 by

Buying new tyres wont be the most exciting purchase youll make this year and certainly wont be the cheapest. But, its a legal requirement to have road worthy rubber on your vehicle and even more importantly, having good tread can prevent harmful accidents occurring. Those four beer-mat sized contact patches keep you and your car gripped to the road surface and are worth your while investing in.
Tyres can be delivered to you and then you can make an appointment at your local Kwik Fit centre to have them fitted or you can choose to have a mobile fitter come to you. Appointments for both can be made online or over the phone with a number of companies around the UK.
A quick Google search will highlight a number of other websites offering discounted tyre deals. We found that many were cheaper than large nationwide companies like Kwik Fit to buy online.
Even on budget tyres you can save up to 100, however you will need to have them fitted somewhere at extra cost.
The cheapest way of getting four new tyres on your car is to order online, have them delivered to you and fit them yourself, but we appreciate that few people have the skill and equipment to do so. An independent local fitter would put them on for 40, so in the end you should save a fair bit of money.
A smart way of doing it is to buy a brand new set of wheels which come with professionally fitted tyres on them. Wheelbasealloys let you do this by using their wheel and tyre package selector tool. If you’re planning on buying alloy wheels and tyres it’s a great place to look and a clever way to buy. For more information visit
We reckon its well worth shopping around online for tyres, but make sure youre buying a reputable brand.