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Mini 5-door sizes and dimensions guide

The Mini 5-door takes the standard Mini Hatchback’s cute looks and gives it an extra shot of practicality, by adding rear passenger doors.

Adding those doors has made it bigger than the three-door Mini, but is it too big for you? Read on for a full rundown of the Mini 5-door’s dimensions, and to see how it compares to its rivals.

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Exterior dimensions

By adding rear doors to the normal three-door Mini, the overall length of the vehicle has increased by 161mm and height has increased by 11mm. 72mm has been added to the wheelbase and there’s 89mm more bodywork behind the rear wheels. This means the Mini 5-door is wider, taller and longer than the Volkswagen Polo and Ford Fiesta.

Exterior dimensions
Length 3,982mm (4,005mm for Cooper S and Cooper SD)
Width with/without door mirrors 1,932mm/1,727mm
Height 1,425mm
Wheelbase 2,567mm

Interior dimensions

Thanks to the wheelbase extension of 72mm, not only is there space in the back for three people – just – but rear occupants now benefit from 72mm more legroom over the three-door counterpart. Also due to the taller body, there’s 10mm more headroom for all passengers and the amount of interior space available at elbow height has increased by a 61mm. All this makes the Mini 5-door a more family-friendly vehicle than the three-door.

Boot space

Thanks to the extra 89mm of bodywork at the rear of the car, the 5-door’s boot measure 278 litres – or 67 litres larger than the three-door’s boot. This means it isn’t quite as large as that found in the VW Polo or Ford Fiesta but the difference is negligible.

Boot space
All seats in place 278 litres
Seats folded down 719 litres

Fuel tank capacity

The overall size of the fuel tank depends on which Mini model you choose. The Mini One and Cooper both have 40-litre fuel tanks, and the rest of the range has 44-litre fuel tanks. This means the maximal theoretical range a Mini 5-door can travel is approximately 781 miles in the Mini One D and Cooper D. The award for minimum driving range goes to the sporty Cooper S, which can travel 464 miles on a single tank.

Turning circle

With a turning circle of 11.0m, the 5-door mini can’t turn as tightly as its rivals. Its turning circle is a whole metre larger than the Ford Fiesta’s, and it’s beaten by the VW Polo which can turn around in a 10.6m-diameter circle. The Mini can only just turn tighter than the Fiat 500L can.

Nevertheless, the Mini 5-door is a very easy car to manoeuvre around town thanks to the excellent visibility, meaning you know exactly where the extremities of the car are.

Vehicle weight

The lightest Mini 5-door is the Mini One, which weighs 1,150kg. The heaviest is the Mini Cooper SD, which weighs 1,250kg.

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