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BMW Black Friday deals

BMW is offering interest-free finance on the 1 Series, M3 and M4 until the end of November.

BMW national Black Friday deals

BMW is offering 0% APR representative finance on the BMW 1 Series, M3 and M4 until 30 November. To get this interest-free offer you need to pick a car that a dealer already has in stock, and it must be registered between 15 and 30 November to qualify. To grab yours, just create a carwow account and use the green buttons below to jump straight to our BMW stock lists.

If you’re not after 0% finance then there are still great deals to be had – savings on most BMW models are better than ever over Black Friday. Just configure your chosen BMW model to get offers from the UK’s best dealers.

The 1 Series is the most affordable BMW model, but that doesn’t mean it feels cheap – it’s a fun-to-drive small car that’s pretty practical and has an upmarket interior. The M3, on the other hand, is also practical and gives you the same quality interior as the 3 Series but comes with a whopping great 3.0-litre engine with 425hp. The same engine is in the M4, which does away with the M3’s rear doors for an even more aggressive look. If you want your car loud, fast and a lot of fun then the M3 and M4 need to be on your shopping list.


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