New Honda Civic price, specs and release date

The 10th generation Honda Civic has been revealed ahead of its official launch at the 2016 Paris Motor Show in October. Sales of the Civic will begin in early 2017 after an initial release in the US. Unlike the previous generation, all models sold worldwide will be built at the brand’s factory in Swindon.

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The latest Civic will be British-built at the firm’s Swindon base following a £200m investment in the factory. Keeping with the striking design of recent Civics, the new model will attempt to attract younger buyers away from rivals such as the Ford Focus, Volkswagen Golf and Vauxhall Astra.

Angular lines and a muscular stance give the new Civic better road presence than its predecessor. This is, in part, thanks to the centrally mounted dual-exit exhaust and low-slung appearance, accentuated by defined lines reaching down the side of the car.

The current Civic is available as a hatchback or Sports Tourer estate for those seeking the extra practicality and, while it’s likely, there’s been no word on which bodystyles will be sold in the UK. It’s likely that the high performance Type R will make a return in the new model featuring even sportier details than the regular car.

The engine range will undergo a refresh with two brand new turbocharged petrol units under the bonnet. The lesser powered 1.0-litre three-cylinder unit makes 127hp, with a 1.5-litre four-cylinder making 180hp being better suited for more spirited driving. The 1.6-litre diesel will be carried over from the current Civic with a raft of improvements to boost power and economy while reducing CO2 emissions. The tax exempt, 118hp diesel found in the outgoing Civic returns between 76.3-78.5mpg.

The new model gains 130mm in length and 30mm in width over the current car. The wheelbase is stretched an extra 30mm too, bringing greater interior space. Honda claims rear legroom is up by an impressive 95mm and there’s additional shoulder room in the front and rear. Load space is unchanged at 478 litres – 118 litres larger than the rivalling Volkswagen Golf. If you fold the seats down, it features a conventional 60/40 split.

Honda has pursued a simplified approach to the dashboard design. It’s dominated by a new seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system, including revised software featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Customers can also opt for a Garmin sat-nav with five years of free map updates.

The Civic will be packed with numerous driving aids equipped as standard across the range. Honda’s version of automatic emergency braking and forward collision warning will aim to prevent an incident, while lane keeping assist, adaptive cruise control and traffic sign recognition will make for an easier, more informed driving experience.

Reports suggest the new Civic is refined on the move and that the three-cylinder petrol doesn’t cause unnecessary vibrations. The ride is said to be on the firmer side but still maintaining a suitable level of comfort and compliance, indicating the Civic lean towards the sportier end of the market. Final specifications are yet to be announced but the CVT automatic gearbox could be a weak point, being noisier and slower than rivals with dual-clutch automatic ‘boxes.

Honda Civic price and release date

Prices have yet to be confirmed, but expect a small increase over the £18,360 of the current entry-level model. The Civic will land in UK showrooms early in 2017.

Honda Civic latest news (updated August 2016)

Official images have been released showing the all-new Honda Civic in all its glory. This car will replace the current ninth-generation model when it hits UK showrooms in early 2017. The all-new five-door Civic will be built exclusively in Swindon and exported worldwide. Honda expects 50 per cent to be sold outside Europe.

The new car looks remarkably similar to the Civic Concept from the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. Its black-painted nose and sharp headlights are more angular than those fitted to the current model and the large air intakes on both the front and rear bumpers give it an aggressive appearance.

The new model (right) looks slightly sleeker than the outgoing car (left)

The outgoing car’s tall rear windscreen has been dropped in favour of a more slanted design. The full width rear spoiler has been retained, however, and now sits above the tall rear light clusters and fresh rear end.

This 10th generation Civic is not only longer, lower and wider than the outgoing model but it’s bigger than the Ford Focus and the Volkswagen Golf. We can expect it to boast a larger boot and a more spacious cabin than these rivals.

We expect the new Civic’s interior to look similar to that of U.S. spec Saloon models, shown here…

The interior will probably be very similar to the Civic Saloon and Coupe models currently on sale in the US. These cars feature a paired-back design with a large infotainment screen and minimal buttons on the centre console. It should be a massive improvement over the perplexing system fitted to the current model.

The car will be offered with one diesel and two petrol engines. A new turbocharged 1.0-litre petrol engine replaces the old-fashioned 99hp 1.4-litre unit while the 1.5-litre model will reportedly produce 174hp. The current 118hp 1.6-litre diesel is expected to receive a few choice upgrades, for more power and even cheaper running costs.

 Buyers will be able to choose between a six-speed manual and a droney CVT automatic gearbox. A hybrid system is also on the cards, it would reduce CO2 emissions, improve fuel economy and be free from paying the congestion charges sprouting up in major cities.

Most exciting of all is the news that a new Civic Type R is in the works. It’ll get a tuned version of the current model’s 306hp 2.0-litre – not an engine you could ever accuse of being weedy – bigger brakes and a limited-slip differential to maximise grip. Expect the styling to be a little more restrained (not difficult) to help the car appeal to a wider audience.

When the new Honda Civic goes on sale in early 2017 we expect it to be slightly more expensive than the outgoing model. Entry level versions will cost around £17,000 while top-spec models could set you back as much as £25,000. Hybrid and Type R models will cost more still.

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New Honda Civic price, specs and release date (updated March 2016)

Honda has revealed the Civic Hatchback Prototype at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. The new concept gives us the clearest indication of what to expect from this 10th generation of the Volkswagen Golf rival. Like the current model, the upcoming Civic will be produced in the UK but will now be exported worldwide.

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New Honda Civic styling

While the Honda Civic saloon and Coupe concept (below) offered a clue to the front-end styling of the new hatch, the latest concept gives us the clearest idea yet of what to expect from the revised design.

The new model will have a more traditional body shape than the slightly triangular profile of the outgoing one – the shallow angle of the bootlid lends a sportier look. The split glass – a characteristic of the Civic hatch for several generations – remains, while the C-shaped taillights are an evolution of those found on the current car. The new model has grown slightly, measuring 130mm longer, 30mm wider and 20mm lower than before.

Details including the huge front and rear air intakes will be toned down for the production model but, considering how wild the current Civic Type R looks, we wouldn’t be surprised to see some of the more outlandish styling flourishes returning in the future.

The Prototype’s twin exhausts probably won’t make production

New Honda Civic engines

The new Civic will be powered by a choice of one diesel and two petrol engines – the first European market Honda to be offered with new 1.0-litre and 1.5-litre turbocharged units. The pair, Honda says, will deliver “class-leading output for their displacement”. In other words, expect the 1.0-litre to better the 123hp EcoBosst unit found in the Ford Focus, with the 1.5 offering closer to 155hp.

The 1.6 diesel used by the current Civic will remain but will receive tweaks including reduced internal friction and a lighter engine block. This should see efficiency improve beyond the current car’s already impressive 78.5mpg.

New Honda Civic price and release date

Prices aren’t expected to change much from the current model, so an entry-level Civic could cost around £16,000 and rise to close to £25,000 for top-spec versions. Naturally, carwow will be able to get you a great discount, so you could save even more when it arrives at the start of 2017.

New Honda Civic latest news (updated February 2016)

Honda has released a photo (above) of the Civic Hatchback Prototype. While it’s clearly not the finished article, previous Honda concepts have looked very similar to their final production counterparts. It’s a rear end shot only but shows the C-shaped brakelights already previewed on the Honda Civic Coupe Concept from 2015’s New York Motor Show.

Below the brake lights is a chunky bumper with large air exits – this is unlikely to make production but could hint at what a hot Type R model could look like. Likewise, the large, central twin-exit exhaust gives a nod to future performance potential but probably won’t appear on the regular production version. Read on to discover what we know so far about the upcoming Honda Civic.

New Honda Civic latest news (updated January 2016)

The current generation Honda Civic might be a very talented car in its own right but it’s struggled to make headway in a market dominated by more mainstream rivals. The Japanese brand is looking to reverse that trend with an all-new Civic that’s set to hit the roads at the end of 2016.

The new version is expected to be offered with an all turbocharged engine lineup for the first time and will sit on an all-new platform. Unlike previous generations that were designed differently depending on their target market, the new model will be a global one (much like the Ford Mondeo) built exclusively at the marque’s factory in Swindon.

The Honda Civic Concept from the New York motor show previews the production version

New Honda Civic styling

While we’ve not seen any official photos, the new Civic’s styling is said to be heavily influenced by the Civic Concept shown at the 2015 New York motor show. The same broad, angular element that houses the headlights, front grille and prominent Honda badge will reportedly make an appearance on the production version.

The three door coupe-like profile shown off by the concept isn’t yet confirmed and it’s likely the model will launch in the UK in a more practical five-door guise. The practical tourer version that was previously sold in the UK won’t necessarily make a return because global markets don’t care for estates as much as UK buyers do.

The new Civic’s cabin will be simplified compared to the outgoing model (shown here)

New Honda Civic interior

The current Civic’s interior is well built but (some may say) a little fussy with a random mix of straight and angled lines, and too many buttons strewn throughout. Unquestionably, the new model will improve things by bringing out a simpler and more stylish layout that’s likely to make more prominent use of the infotainment screen as in-car connectivity becomes more important for buyers.

Honda has always been respected for screwing things together well but it’s struggled to match the perceived quality found in German rivals’ cabins, but it’s expected the brand will make more use of soft-touch plastics and leather touch points and fewer hard scratchy surfaces.

New Honda Civic driving

To achieve an impressively large cargo space, the outgoing Civic used a compact but simple rear suspension setup. The new model is said to be dropping this layout for a more intricate independent rear suspension system that will dramatically improve handling, grip and ride quality compared to the outgoing model.

Chassis stiffness has also reportedly increased by 25 per cent. This brings about benefits in every area because it allows the tyres and suspension to work more effectively and for the steering to be more accurate in its responses. We’re also hoping that, thanks to its UK development, the new Civic is adept at coping with poor road surfaces giving improved ride quality over the old model.

All engines are set to be turbocharged for the new model

New Honda Civic engines

As mentioned, the new engine range will be turbocharged for improved power and efficiency. Petrols have seen a resurgence in popularity in recent times so Honda’s put a lot of effort into making sure the Civic’s new units are some of the best on the market. A 1.0-litre three-cylinder kicks off the range with around 127hp and claimed emissions of just 99g/km of CO2.

A larger 1.5-litre petrol is reported to offer anywhere between 170 and 200hp so could form a new middle ground between the regular model and the high performance Type R. Speaking of which, the new platform will spawn a Type R which is expected to continue using a development of the current 2.0-litre turbo.

Diesel fans will be offered an upgraded version of the current model’s 1.6-litre unit. This will offer anywhere between 120 and 160hp depending on its state of tune and the most efficient models should comfortably emit less than 99g/km of CO2 for free road tax. A hybrid variant will also be launched but little is known about it currently.

New Honda Civic specs

The outgoing Civic had decent levels of standard equipment with even basic models getting climate control, alloy wheels, Bluetooth connectivity and automatic emergency braking. To tempt buyers from German rivals that can get all too expensive once the options boxes are ticked, Honda is likely to continue to offer a relatively high level of standard equipment.

New Honda Civic price and release date

Prices aren’t expected to change compared to the current model so an entry-level Civic could cost around £16,000 and rise to close to £25,000 for top-spec versions. Naturally, carwow will be able to get you a great discount, so you could save even more when it arrives at the end of 2016.

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