Citroen C3 Picasso

Practical MPV with a roomy interior and chunky styling

£13,080 - £18,050 Price range

5 Seats

44 - 68 MPG

This is the average score given by leading car publications from 20 reviews
  • Funky styling
  • Masses of practicality
  • Cheap running costs
  • Expensive
  • Petrol engines are slow
  • Base models lack safety kit

The C3 Picasso is a small MPV that gains glowing reviews from the critic. They say that it’s very practical, good value and they like its looks. The appeal for most is that fact that it’s not a big car on the outside, but has loads of room inside.


It’s much more spacious inside than the normal C3 hatchback, with plenty of leg and headroom in the back. You can even slide the rear seats forward for more boot space or backwards for more legroom.

The boot is a good size, as big as some estates, and if you need more space the back row folds down effortlessly to give you a good 500 litres of room.

Quality is very good as most of the plastics have textures that are friendly to the touch. The funky styling on the outside in influenced inside too.


Anyone can get comfy behind the wheel thanks to a wide range of adjustments in the seat and steering wheel. Once in place you have great visability out of the front since the cleverly designed A pillars are very thin and you have a pair of big quarterlights on each side side.

In town the steering is light which makes parking and going round mini roundabouts a piece of cake. Once you’re going higher speeds it weights up to give you more confidence. Citroens are famous for having soft suspension and the little Picasso keeps up with tradition. While it’s comfy over rough areas, it means the nose dives down and rises up every time you’re aggressive with the throttle. It also means a lot of body roll in the corners.

Tyre and wind noise are also nice and quiet which makes the little Citroen good on motorway journeys.


Four are on offer: a 1.4 VTi Petrol, a 1.6VTi petrol and a couple of 1.6HDi diesels with either 91 or 107bhp. The smallest petrol is only recommendable if you only intend on driving around town most of the time since it’s on the weak side. The 1.6 petrol has more grunt, but it’s not as economical as the strong diesels.

Value for money

It’s actually one of the more expensive small MPVs but if Citroen keep up to the tradition of giving discounts then you might get one for a good price. Standard equipment is not bad with every car getting remote locking, front electric windows and a CD player. You’d have to go further up the range to get features such as parking sensors, rear electric windows and air conditioning.

Worth noting

Some drivers might find it difficult to get used to the instruments being in the middle of the dashboard instead of behind the steering wheel.


If you need the versatility of a small MPV but want to stand out in the crowd and look stylish then the Citroen C3 Picasso is hard to beat.

What also sets it apart from rivals is that it has a real sense of fun about it!

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