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Toyota Yaris sizes and dimensions guide

Toyota’s little Yaris hatchback has been with us forever, it seems. Now in its third generation, a facelift in 2014 nudged the car’s look towards the Aygo city car.

No longer the company’s tiniest offering following the aforementioned Aygo, we’re looking at how the Yaris measures up to give you a better idea of how it suits your lifestyle.

Toyota Yaris external dimensions

The 2014 update hasn’t changed any of the Yaris’s sizes, so if you’re already driving a third-generation model and fancy an update, the new car will slot onto your driveway like it was always there.

With the five-door packing an extra 65mm out the back, both models come in at under 4 metres (or a little under 13 feet) in length and at under 1.7 metres (5 1/2 feet) it’s pretty dinky for a regular hatchback and should fit in where others will scrape.

Yaris external dimensions
Length 3,885mm / 3,950mm
Width 1,695mm
Height 1,510mm
Wheelbase 2,510mm

Toyota Yaris internal dimensions

It’s a similar story on the inside. Although there have been revisions to the materials and some layout changes, particularly around the centre console, the amount of cabin space hasn’t changed to any measurable degree.

Headroom and legroom are good up front and although it’s a little less generous in the back there’s still enough headroom for taller children – so long as they aren’t over-endowed in the leg department. The good news here is that if you, your child seat and your dog fitted in your 2012 Yaris, they’ll fit into this one!

Yaris internal dimensions
Headroom (front/rear) 1,000mm/955mm
Legroom (front/rear) 1,030mm/845mm
Shoulder room

Toyota Yaris boot space

The room in the back isn’t class leading, but nor is it particularly stingy. 286 litres with the seats up keeps the car in contention with most of the sector, but many other cars will better the 768 litre seats-down space. It’s likely to be as much as you’ll need from a car this size, but when you go to get the tree at Christmas you might have to get a slightly smaller version.

Yaris boot space
Seats up 286 litres
Seats down 768 litres

Toyota Yaris turning circle and fuel capacity

The Yaris is pretty agile between the kerbs – something useful for a city car to avoid too many three point turns – but beware that if you specify the 16-inch alloy wheel option the turning circle suffers to the tune of about 40cm.

Meanwhile the 42 litre fuel tank will see the Yaris plod 570 urban miles if you’re gentle with the accelerator – though this zips up to 720 miles in the smaller-tanked Hybrid model.

Yaris turning circle and fuel tank
Turning circle 9.6 metres
Fuel tank 42 litres (Hybrid 36)

Toyota Yaris weight

The Yaris keeps things pleasingly slight compared to some other vehicles in the market, with only the Hybrid model and its heavy batteries topping the 1.1-tonne mark. The majority of models are only just over a tonne, with the entry level Active 1.0 cars all sliding under that mark.

Yaris weights
Lightest Heaviest
970kg (1.0 VVT-i Active) 1,160kg (Hybrid)

Saying Yes to a Yaris?

Use carwow’s car configurator to build your ideal Yaris and see what deals the UK’s leading Toyota dealers have to offer. There’s no hassle, haggling or awkward moments –we promise!

Toyota Yaris

Practical small car with hybrid option and excellent build quality
£13,320 - £20,800
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