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Six of the best: carwow’s guide to the Audi A3 options worth a second look

The Audi A3 is one the most popular cars on British roads, and with good reason. It’s a handsomely-styled, practical family hatchback that’s fun to drive and far from a binger when it comes to fuel consumption.

It sounds like the perfect mix but, if you’re seriously looking at trading your banger for a brand new A3 (and who could blame you?), steel yourself for some serious head-scratching. The list of options is long enough to see you through a week of bedtime reading.

That’s why we’ve read it for you, and picked out the add-ons that deserve a closer look and the ones you should probably avoid.

Essential Options

Reversing Camera – £275 (requires Audi Parking System)

There’s no worse sound than the crunch of your car reversing into something else. A wall, a post, another car… Whatever you’ve hit, it always means one thing: repairs and bills are heading your way.

Avoid denting your brand new A3 (not to mention your pride and your wallet), by adding a reversing camera. Unfortunately, this isn’t quite as simple – or as cheap – as it should be, because you’ll also need to opt for the Audi Parking System, which adds front and rear selective display and sets you back a further £595.

The total comes in at £870, which sounds a lot, but could be just a fraction of what you’d pay in repairs…

Satellite Navigation System (£495)

Nobody likes getting lost, and it’s no less embarrassing doing so in a brand-new A3 than it is in a clapped out rust-bucket. The solution is simple: unless you’ve chosen the SE Technik trim, on which sat-nav is standard, opt for the Audi satellite navigation system.

When the time comes to sell up, the fact your A3 has sat-nav built-in could help you to squeeze a little bit extra out of your buyer – and that’s never a bad thing.

Useful Options

Hold Assist (£90)

Tired legs? Weak arms? Or are you just bored of using conventional handbrakes and pedals to hold you in place on a hill? If you find yourself sheepishly nodding, the hold assist feature might just be the option for you.

This handy device holds the vehicle stationary with just the press of a button and, when the traffic starts moving, lets you drive away with zero fuss by putting your foot on the gas.

Rear side airbags (£300)

Modern cars are safer than ever, largely thanks to government interference. Rules and regulations are forcing manufacturers to think about how the cabin protects us – but you can go further by adding rear side airbags.

Just note: this option is only available on the A3 Sportback (that’s the five-door variant). At £300, though, we think it’s a small price to pay for what could save your passenger’s life in a crash.

Frivolous options

Ski/Snowboard bag (£75)

Unless you’re a professional skier, you probably don’t have much need for an Audi ski/snowboard bag on your new A3. You’ll probably have even less of a need when you discover that this option is only available if you’ve already chosen the optional ‘through-load facility’, which sets you back another £150.

To be fair, the through-load facility probably is a worthwhile option even if you’re not a skier, as it means you can transport long items safely by folding down the centre armrest in the back seats.

We’re still not sure about that snowboard bag, though…

Bang & Olufsen sound system (£750)

There is no denying that Bang & Olufsen produces some epic high-fidelity sound systems. In fact, we’re pretty certain the optional B&O kit you can specify here would also be rather epic.

Well, maybe it would be if the car was stationary… With the engine turned off… Parked in an off-street garage where there would be no interference from other cars driving by…

In the real world, the amount of time that you’ll spend in the car in such surroundings will be minimal – which we think makes the Bang & Olufsen sound system rather pointless. As a result, we advise you to stick with the perfectly capable stereo that comes as standard.

What next?

If you like the look of the Audi A3, check it out in our car configurator to see how much you could save on your ideal model. Or, for more options, head over to our deals page to see our latest discounts.

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