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Audi R8 sizes and dimensions guide

The latest Audi R8 is a seriously impressive supercar that offers blistering performance from its V10 engine, yet can also work in everyday life thanks to its surprising practicality and beautifully trimmed interior.

We’ve pulled together comprehensive dimensions data for the R8 to save you breaking out the tape measure in the dealership. If you’ve decided it fits your needs perfectly, our Audi R8 car configurator can help you get a great deal on your new car.

Audi R8 exterior dimensions

Audi R8 exterior dimensions
Length 4,426mm
Width (mirrors folded) 2,037mm (1,940mm)
Height 1,240mm

Like many performance cars, Audi designed the R8 to look as menacing as possible, with a low, wide body that’s bound to give some people nightmares – if they’re bad at parking that is. However, you might be surprised to find out that the R8 is no wider or longer than many family crossovers, and is about the same size as its main rivals. Audi doesn’t offer measurements for ground clearance, but we’d advise taking speed bumps at a very relaxed pace.

Audi R8 interior dimensions and luggage space

Audi R8 luggage space
Luggage space (behind seat) 226 litres
Luggage space (luggage compartment) 112 litres

The Audi R8’s interior will be a selling point for some people – it has a lot in common with Audi’s other models, but not so much that you’ll feel short changed, and comes with cool technology such as Audi’s Virtual Cockpit display. Space for the driver and passenger is fine with plenty of head and legroom, but its strict two-seat layout limits practicality somewhat.

The R8 is mid-engined so there isn’t a traditional ‘boot’ at the rear, but owners are given a choice of two spaces in which to store their belongings. The one under the bonnet is rather small and is probably only big enough for a few shopping bags, but the compartment behind the front seats is a good size and should be able to hold enough luggage for a weekend away.

Audi R8 fuel tank and turning circle

Audi R8 fuel tank and turning circle
Fuel tank (R8 Plus/regular model) 73/83 litres
Turning circle 11.2 metres

Although it may have reasonably conventional dimensions, the R8’s awkward visibility and low ride height is never going to make it the easiest car to park, although the turning circle of 11.2 metres isn’t too bad. The fuel tank is smaller in the ‘Plus‘ model to save weight, and its lower fuel economy means a theoretical range of 369 miles, versus 452 miles in the standard model.

Audi R8 weight

Audi R8 weight
Weight 1,555-1,720kg

The R8 is made using lots of lightweight materials such as aluminium and carbon fibre, but its large engine and quattro all-wheel-drive system mean it still weighs a little more than some conventional fast cars. The lightweight Plus version is 40kg lighter than the regular car, and the Spyder convertible version will weigh 1,720kg when it launches later in 2016.

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