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Mercedes SL sizes and dimensions guide

There are few cars on the market better suited to open-top continent cruising than the Mercedes SL. We’ve taken a closer look at how the new-for-2016 SL measures up, studying external and interior dimensions, the size of the boot and how easy it’ll be to live with every day.

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Mercedes SL exterior dimensions

Unlike four-seater rivals including the BMW 6 Series and the Porsche 911, the SL needs only to house two occupants in comfort meaning both get plentiful space. As a result, it’s a relatively compact car on the road and never feels unwieldy or intimidating to drive. In terms of overall length, it measures 69mm shorter than the Mercedes C-Class, though it is marginally wider.

Mercedes SL exterior dimensions
Length 4,617mm
Width 1,877mm
Height 1,315mm
Wheelbase 2,585mm

Mercedes SL interior dimensions

Sit inside the SL, and the gorgeous cabin offers plenty of room for two. The wide body provides plenty of elbow room, while headroom is generous. Of course, if you’re really tall, you can retract the roof making headroom something of a moot point. Rivals counter by offering rear seats but these are rarely suitable for anyone larger than children – commit to the two-seat layout and you’ll rarely struggle for space.

Mercedes SL interior dimensions
Headroom 958mm
Shoulder room 1,409mm

Mercedes SL boot space

With the roof up, the boot offers 504-litres of space – on par with many mid-size executive saloons. Fold away the metal roof – a process that takes 18 seconds – and the total capacity drops to a hatchback-like 364 litres. That’s not far shy of what a Volkswagen Golf offers, so it should still be more than adequate for two people.

Mercedes SL boot space
Roof up 504 litres
Roof down 364 litres

Mercedes SL turning circle and fuel tank capacity

At 11 metres, the SL is fairly manoeuvrable for a car of this type – indeed, it out-turns the Bentley Continental GT by almost 30cm.

High performance AMG variants sport a 75-litre fuel tank while the rest of the range gets a 65-litre one. Match the SL 400’s official fuel economy figure of 36.7mpg, and it should be possible to eke 525 miles from every tank.

Mercedes SL turning circle and fuel tank
Turning circle 11.04 metres
Fuel tank 65 litres (AMG 75 litres)

Mercedes SL weight

The entry-level SL is powered by a turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 engine, while the fastest AMG version is powered by an epic 6.0-litre twin-turbo V12. Thanks to an engine literally double the size of the SL 400 (and combined with some added in-car tech) the AMG weighs a substantial 260kg extra. With 621hp on tap, however, it’s more than up to the task of hauling itself about…

Mercedes SL weights
Lightest Heaviest
1,730kg (SL 400 AMG Sport) 1,990kg (SL AMG 65)

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Mercedes SL

Not an outright sports car, but a great cruiser
£77,395 - £118,095
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