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Volkswagen Polo colours and price guide

February 23, 2021 by

In many ways, the Volkswagen Polo is a lot like a shrunken-down Volkswagen Golf. As well as looking not too dissimilar to its bigger brother, the Polo also has a spacious, well-equipped and upmarket-feeling interior. Thanks to the car’s good ride quality and noise insulation, it’s also quite a comfy and relaxing supermini to drive.

While the Polo’s paint range isn’t quite as big now as it used to be, there are still many colours for you to choose from – most of which are available irrespective of the trim you end up going for. Check out all of the paint finishes you can have on your Volkswagen Polo in our full colours and price guide below.

  • Urano Grey
  • Flash Red
  • Pure White
  • Deep Black
  • Energetic Orange
  • Limestone Grey
  • Reef Blue
  • Reflex Silver

Urano Grey – No cost option

If you’re nonplussed over what colour you’d want your VW Polo in, then it’s worth considering Urano Grey. It helps that you don’t need to pay extra to spec this paint and, while the solid finish means it doesn’t sparkle or shine like a metallic colour, Urano Grey is still a colour that will appeal to used buyers. Like many of the Polo’s paint options, Urano Grey is available on all versions, apart from the Beats trim.

Flash Red – £350 (no-cost option on Beats trim)

One of the most vibrant colours you can spec on the VW Polo is Flame Red. Despite only having a solid finish, the vivid hue means it’s a colour that will stand out in a supermarket car park and gives the Polo a slightly sportier look. However, the bright colour may turn away some potential buyers when you sell the car on, and it also shows dirt easily. Flash Red is available across the Polo range and is the default no cost paint option on the Beats spec.

Pure White – £350

White is a colour that has wide appeal with used car buyers, so you shouldn’t have problems selling a VW Polo in Pure White on when you decide to upgrade to a new car. It helps, too, that the colour suits the car well, and lets the darker trim pieces stand out that little bit more. Pure White is available across the Polo range – though, regardless of the trim you go for, it’ll be a colour that’ll require frequent washes to keep looking spotless.

Deep Black – £575

Like Pure White, Deep Black (which is available across the Polo range) is a smart-looking and inoffensive colour that won’t turn away used buyers when you decide to sell the car on. Making this paint option even more interesting is that it’s a pearlescent colour, which means it has a deeper and brighter sheen to it than an equivalent solid or metallic colour. This helps give the car a bit of an upmarket look – though you can easily spoil that by not cleaning it properly, as black paints show up swirl marks really easily.

Energetic Orange – £575

If you’re after a bright paint finish for your VW Polo and Flame Red can’t quite cut it, then Energetic Orange will likely be the colour for you. This burnt orange will easily stand out in traffic, and the paint’s metallic finish means it dazzles even more on a sunny day. That vividness may turn off some used buyers, though, and it’s also a colour that won’t hide dirt very well. Energetic Orange is available on most of the Polo range, though can’t be specified on Beats versions.

Limestone Grey – £575

Limestone Grey isn’t one of the Volkswagen Polo’s exciting colour options. However, that does mean it’s also an inoffensive colour, and the metallic finish does give a bit of depth to the paintwork. Because it’s a dark grey, this colour should also be good at hiding dirt and grime, so won’t need regular washes to look acceptably clean. Like many colours on the VW Polo, Limestone Grey isn’t available on the Beats trim.

Reef Blue – £575

Being an almost navy shade, Reef Blue strikes a good balance between being a subdued and smart-looking paint that’s also less conventional than a black or dark grey. As Reef Blue is also a metallic colour, it will also have a lovely deep sheen when bright lights are shone on it. If Reef Blue is your preferred paint pic, you can spec it on all versions of the VW Polo other than the Beats variant.

Reflex Silver – £575

Another no-nonsense colour you can pick for your VW Polo is Reflex Silver. Because greys and silvers have wide appeal, you shouldn’t have trouble finding a used buyer when it’s time to sell the car on, and this paint also benefits from a premium-feeling metallic sheen. Because it’s a light colour, though, it will be plain for other road users to see when you haven’t given your car a wash in a while. As with most of the Polo’s paint options, you can’t spec Reflex Silver on the Beats version.

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