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Chevrolet are 100 years old!

Chevrolet are celebrating a cool 100 years since their birth and have released a unique ad named ‘Then and Now’ reminiscing over their heritage, comparing vintage snaps from decades ago to the same locations today. Its rather sentimental and the soundtrack is a live version of ‘America the Beautiful’ performed by legend Ray Charles. November 3rd is their official birthday and since 1911 theyve sold around 200 million vehicles in over 120 countries and touched the lives of countless owners, families, and fans according to Chris Perry, VP of global marketing and strategy at Chevrolet.

As well as looking back, showing the same car parked in the same location in the 1940s and today, the ad also points to the future showing new models of Chevrolets in the places the old versions once appeared. The ending is of a family around their 50s Chevy in the driveway, contrasted with a new family and new Chevy Volt in the exact same driveway.
The company are also marking their centennial in many other ways, engaging owners and fans worldwide, with events and activities through their centennial landing page. Theyve got people to vote their favourite Chevy of all time – the winner was the 1969 Camaro as well as tell their stories online. Internet radio service Pandora created a Chevrolet station playing the Top 100 songs that mention the brand including ‘American Pie’ by Don McLean, ‘Crocodile Rock’ by Elton John and ‘Tim McGraw’ by Taylor Swift. Designed to work with Facebook, ‘The Ride of Your Life’ is a video where you choose your Chevy ride and go on a road trip which includes clips from important places in your life such as where you grew up, your favourite school, where youve worked and the driveway you call home today.
If youre all bleary-eyed over the ad why not check out some of the great offers and get your own Chevy! Theres a very decent 5-year warranty on their new range as well as 0% APR on the new Chevrolet Spark, and on their new 7 seater SUV, the Orlando. All of whic are well worth looking into.
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