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Ford Kuga size and dimensions guide

The Ford Kuga is a solid family SUV but competes in a class full of excellent models so will have to work hard for your coveted parking space. Read our dimensions guide to see if it’ll fit into your lifestyle and find out how it compares to some of its closest competitors.

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Exterior dimensions

The Kuga is both longer and taller than its rivals, the VW Tiguan, Peugeot 3008 and Kia Sportage, meaning it’s roomier inside for people and stuff. It is marginally narrower than the VW and the Kia by 13 and 12mm respectively – Peugeot doesn’t supply width information including the car’s wing mirrors.

The 2,690mm wheelbase is also the longest in this competition – greater than the Tiguan’s 2,677mm, the Sportage’s 2,670mm and the 3008’s 2,613mm. This also indicates a larger cabin because there’s more space between the front and rear axle for passengers and luggage.

Ford Kuga exterior dimensions
Length 4,541mm
Width including door mirrors 2,086mm
Height 1,749mm
Wheelbase 2,690mm

Interior dimensions

The Kuga interior has 1,013mm of headroom in the front, beating the 915mm available in the Peugeot and the 998mm in the Kia – only the VW edges it with an extra 35mm of headroom. While these figures suggest winners and losers in this class, all of these cars’ cabins will be more than big enough for full-grown adults to be comfortable.

With the longest wheelbase and length of these cars, the Kuga offers more front legroom than the Sportage, although loses out in the rear by 36mm. It’s also quite wide so shoulder room is more than acceptable for all but the longest journeys if you have three passengers in the back seats.

Ford Kuga interior dimensions
Headroom (front/rear) 1,013mm/990mm
Legroom (front/rear) 1,096mm/934mm
Shoulder room (front/rear) 1,421mm/1,398mm

Boot space

Considering its fairly large body, the Kuga’s 442-litre boot is slightly disappointing. The Sportage has 503 litres, the 3008 has 520 litres, but all are much smaller than the Tiguan’s cavernous 615-litre boot.

Put the rear seats down and it’s a different ball game – the Kuga now offers a massive 1,928 litres of cargo space, vastly more than the 1,655-litre Tiguan, 1,580-litre 3008 and 1,492-litre Sportage. Both the boot openings in the Kuga and Tiguan are usefully square, and there isn’t too much of a load lip in the way.

Ford Kuga boot space
Boot space seats up 442 litres
Boot space seats folded 1,928 litres

Fuel tank and turning circle

The Kuga has a 60-litre fuel tank, which is fairly average for this class. Kia has fitted a 62-litre tank to the Sportage, but both the Tiguan and 3008 match the Kuga’s capacity.

An 11.6-metre turning circle isn’t too bad considering the Kuga’s size, but it’s far from the best in class. For that, you’ll want either the 3008 or Sportage, with 10.7 and 10.6-metre turning circles respectively.

Ford Kuga fuel tank and turning circle
Fuel tank capacity 60 litres
Turning circle 11.6 metres

Weight and towing capacity

The heaviest Kuga weighs 1,716kg – hardly light but it’s considerably less than the 1,859kg four-wheel drive Sportage models and the 1,885kg Tiguan. That said, at 1,465kg, the 3008 is nearly 250kg lighter than the Kuga – the equivalent to carrying three average-sized passengers with you at all times.

Most Kugas can tow a braked trailer weighing up to 2,100kg – slightly more than the 3008, but less than the Sportage and Tiguan, the latter of which can pull an impressive 2,500kg. The Kuga’s maximum payload is 636kg – less than all three of these rivals. The Tiguan can muster an extra 5kg, but the 3008 and Sportage are way ahead on 675kg and 690kg respectively.

Ford Kuga weight and towing capacity
Weight (lightest/heaviest) 1,579kg/1,716kg
Towing capacity (braked/unbraked) 2,100kg/750kg
Towball weight 105kg
Max payload 636kg

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