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7 drool-worthy photos of the Jaguar C-X75

February 11, 2015 by

Fast, clever, jaw-droppingly beautiful – the Jaguar C-X75 might not have made production but it’s earned a starring role in the upcoming 007 film, Spectre. What better excuse, we thought, to drool over seven of our favourite snaps of this supremely photogenic jet-powered monster.

1. Its natural habitat

Nestled in the garages of Rockingham race circuit, this C-X75 prepares itself to do what it was designed to do – be a supercar par excellence. The uncompromising angles of the garage are perfectly juxtaposed to the swooping, muscular appearance of the C-X75. C’mon Jag, can please you turn this into a poster already?

2. Spoilers

In contrast to the clean, chiselled looks of the front, the back of the C-X75 is seductively functional and pure race car. A gaping diffuser and wide spoiler increase downforce and the immense heat generated by the engine escapes through a vast open grille.

3. Smokin’

The C-X75 got two powerplants over the course of its strictly non-production life. The first was a pair of jet turbine engines which generated power for four electric motors, and the second was a 1.6-litre F1 racing engine developed by Williams – being demonstrated appropriately above.

4. Under the skin

Kim Kardashian might’ve tried to break the internet by taking her clothes off but, frankly, we think the C-X75 does it better. Here you can see the upward-hinged doors and boot lid open, exposing the carbon chassis and F1 engine that lie beneath.

5. The belly of the beast

It’s an interior. We know, it looks more like a sculpture from the Tate Modern, but this was what Jaguar suggested the interior could actually look like. Later models were toned-down significantly but this swoopy, chromed vision is almost as beautiful as the outside. Can you imagine driving into a low winter sunset in this? You’d go from 0-migraine in less than three seconds. Which obviously makes it the coolest thing ever.

6. Twin-turbine-charged

Turbines (read: jet engines) are among the most fuel-efficient types of internal combustion engine, so it makes sense to explore using them to power cars. Practical considerations meant Jaguar couldn’t commit to this design, which is a crying a shame simply because it looks so pretty – and can you imagine the noise?

7. Three’s a crowd

Three C-X75s round the iconic banked section at Rockingham race circuit – all of which must be glad of the all-wheel drive and sticky tyres keeping them from an impromptu meeting with the benign white ender-of-races. You can almost imagine playing Land of Hope and Glory over the top, except you wouldn’t hear a thing over those F1 engines.

No Mr Bond, I expect you to drive

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