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Honda Urban EV price, specs and release date

Russell Campbell
November 27, 2018

New pics reveal more about Honda’s upcoming electric car the Honda Urban EV – keep reading for the car’s price, specs and release date

  • Honda Urban EV spotted again
  • Specs include door mirror-replacing cameras
  • Retro looks
  • Prices from £30,000
  • Release date late 2019

The Honda Urban EV has been spotted testing once again. The latest pics reveal the car will be a practical five-seater with a high-tech cabin. Keep reading for the car’s price, specs and release date.

Honda Urban EV price and specs

The Honda Urban EV is set to take on the likes of the (soon to be launched) Mini EV and BMW i3. With posh cars like that in its sights you can expect the Honda EV to carry a premium price tag of somewhere in the region of £30,000. Our first chance to see the finished car will be the 2019 Geneva motor show in March with it expected to go on sale later that year.

Honda Urban EV specs

If Honda hopes to pull buyers away from BMWs and Minis then it’ll have to offer similar kerb appeal. Thankfully, kerb appeal is something the cheeky concept car has in spades and you can expect a lot of its charm to be carried over to the production model.

As a result, expect it to get the same bluff nose with retro circular headlights lit up by rings of LEDs.

Side on, the skinny pillars of the concept car will be replaced by a sturdier structure in the production model, but even more obvious than this is the addition of rear doors – captured for the first time in these pictures. They are said to hinge from the rear – an eye-catching touch that will also give your passengers better access to the back seat.

Even the rear of the Honda will have retro charm with round tail lights – featuring the same ring elements as up front – and strips of LEDs in the centre of the circle that light up when the car brakes.

But what about the inside? Well, while you’ll have to forgive the reflections in our snatched spy pic, they do seem to indicate that the car’s instruments will be displayed on at least one huge screen. That’ll be able to display everything from sat-nav instructions to controls for the car’s various other systems.

What our interior pic also seems to indicate is that the Honda Urban EV will drop conventional wing mirrors for rear-facing cameras. Already seen on the Audi e-tron, they give you a wider view, while their smaller size makes them more aerodynamic.

The latter is an important to help the Honda Urban EV get a decent range out of its batteries. It won’t travel as far as expensive EVs like the Audi or Tesla Model S, but you can expect 150 miles from a single charge. A 0-62mph time of around 10 seconds is possible and would be quick enough to hit the Honda’s sporty-city-car brief.

That would make the Honda nippy off the lights in town particularly because – with no gears to worry about – accelerating will be simply a matter of pressing on the pedal. That – and the fact the the Honda Urban EV will be exempt from London’s congestion charge – would make it a hard car to ignore if you’re looking for a stylish but frugal way of getting from A to B in town.

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