2014 carwow awards

November 20, 2014 by

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The latest on the 2014 carwow awards, including the shortlist, categories and judging criteria

The 2014 carwow awards celebrate the best cars available (or soon to be available) to UK car buyers.

You can see the shortlists for each category below. Every car on these lists has excelled in some way – whether it’s through offering great value, a complete package or just by wowing the UK’s leading car experts.

2014 has been an incredible year for buyers – affordable models have received increasingly high-end levels of fit and finish, engines have got even more economical (but without losing any fun) and there have even been some truly challenging designs.

We’ll announce the winners soon, but in the meantime browse the shortlist and see what we think are the top cars of 2014 – and how we’ll pick the winner in each category.

Best City Car

Best Estate

Best Performance Car

Best SUV

Best 4×4

Best Hot Hatch

Best Electric Car

Best Hybrid

Best Convertible

Best Family Car

Best Luxury Car

Best Seven-Seat Car

Best Design

Best Interior