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Honda Civic colours guide and prices

Buyers searching for a practical, reliable family hatchback should make sure the Honda Civic is on their shopping list – preferably close to the top.

Whether in hatch or estate ‘Tourer’ form, the Civic can boast one of the largest boot volumes in the class, and the well-built cabin is generous when it comes to storage space. If performance is more your thing, the Civic Type R is one of the most potent (and barmy) front-wheel drive hot hatches on sale.

Honda offers a choice of ten paint finishes across the range, although not every shade is available for every model. Here we’ve compared each, with prices and images taken from Honda’s car configurator. Remember to read our car paint types guide to see the types of paint finish you’ll find on modern cars.

Solid paint finishes

A simple gloss finish means that solid paints are just as robust as the other options. The one choice available throughout the Civic range doesn’t add a penny to the list price, so it’ll be ideal for buyers on a budget.

Misano Red Solid – £0

Misano Red will be popular on the sporty Type R, but more conservative colours will be more desirable (in other words, more valuable when it comes to sell) on the standard hatchback and Tourer.

Championship White – £525

Available for the bonkers Type R only, Championship White is the colour of choice for Honda’s performance models. Resale values will be strong, though a regular cleaning regimen will need to be maintained.

Metallic paint finishes

By adding a little extra sparkle to the paint mix, metallic finishes tend to be more expensive to apply than solid colours. They’re more desirable on the used market though, so it’s generally worth spending the extra cash for them. All of the following colours are free on Sport models, though curiously not on the top-spec Type R.

Alabaster Silver Metallic – £525

Likely to be one of the most popular options for the Civic, Alabaster Silver should be a sound choice from a financial point of view. Silver cars tend to do an admirable job of hiding the fact they’ve gone for weeks without a wash, too.

Brilliant Sporty Blue Metallic – £525

This lively blue has been used in plenty of Honda’s press material – a sign that the company feels this will be a popular shade with buyers, particularly when combined with Sport trim.

Crystal Black Pearl – £525

Although there are few cars which don’t suit black, it’s quite rare to see a Honda CIvic in this shade. This suggests that buyers aren’t that keen, and it’d be therefore wiser to go for one of the other options if resale values are a priority.

Golden Bronze Metallic – £525

While there few colours are better at hiding dirt than brown, Golden Bronze is likely to be one of the least popular choices for the Civic. Unless you intend to keep the car for a long time and used values aren’t a concern, it’s probably best avoided.

Passion Red Pearl – £525

The pearl effect and subtly darker tint sets Passion Red apart from the solid Misano Red. Simply being able to state that a car is equipped with metallic paint will increase its value at trade-in time, so if you really want a red car, it might be worth the extra £525.

Polished Metal Metallic – £525

Likely to be one of the most sought-after colours for a generally subtle family hatchback, a dark grey finish will be unlikely to put off any used car buyers. It’s also one of the best choices for disguising road grime.

Twilight Blue Metallic – £525

This greyish blue looks fairly subtle in the flesh, and should be more appealing to Civic buyers than some of the brighter shades.

White Orchid Pearl – £525

This pearlescent white is a fashionable choice for car buyers, and should appeal to dealers and private buyers alike when the time comes to trade it in for something new. It’ll be a pain keeping it looking its best though.

Save money on the Honda Civic

For more information about the Honda Civic, we have three reviews for you to check out: for the Civic Hatchback, Tourer and Type R.

Once you’ve found the model you’re looking for, build your Civic by using the carwow configurator – then the UK’s best Honda dealers will get in touch with their offers. Just click on the green button on our homepage to get started!

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