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Hyundai ix20 colours guide and prices

The Hyundai ix20 is a mini-MPV with supermini proportions that offers a roomy, versatile interior and comprehensive safety kit. If you decide to buy one, you’ll need to choose a colour and the sheer volume of choices can seem bewildering.

You’ll need to take into account how quickly dirt will show up and how straightforward it will be to sell your car on when you’re finished with it. Our guide will help you pick from the one solid, three pearlescent and two metallic shades on offer.

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Solid colours

Polar White – £0

White is a popular colour so should change hands swiftly on the used market. Just be prepared for frequent cleaning – every speck of dirt will become visible quickly.

Metallic colours

Ara Blue – £530

This bold electric blue might not be for everyone but it’s unlikely to put off many used buyers – it’s one of the more extroverted shades so will suit the more flamboyant among you. It’ll hide road dirt for a little while before needing cleaning.

Platinum Silver – £530

Few shades beat silver in the car colour popularity stakes, and this version will give your ix20 a modern look. This brushed steel silver is still quite light, so you may find yourself washing it more often than darker colours.

Pearl colours

Ultimate Red – £530

After monochrome, red is among our most favoured vehicular hues. This version is dark and quite muted, so we wouldn’t envisage any resales headaches. Equally, we’d expect it fare rather better than average in terms of showing up motorway grime.

Phantom Black – £530

Phantom Black is a smart charcoal hue that’ll give your ix20 an elegant appearance. While darker colours generally hide dirt well, black bucks the trend if you use cheap car washes, which can leave unattractive swirl marks in their wake.

Pepper Grey – £530

Grey is among the most popular car colours so it’ll be easy to find a used buyer. This sleek, smoky hue ought to give you no problems on that front. What’s more, given its darkness, you should get away with reasonably lengthy spells between washes.

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