Aston Martin confirm EV plans: proposed partnership with Lucid; Mercedes and Geely support continues

June 26, 2023 by

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The British firm has revealed its intentions for high performance electric vehicles, with the help of Lucid and Mercedes. Read on to find out more.

  • Partnership with Lucid Motors announced
  • Contracts with Geely and Mercedes in place too
  • First EV set for launch in 2025
  • All Aston Martins vehicles to be EV by 2030

Aston Martin has confirmed its plans to produce EVs for production from 2025 onwards, with help from American EV firm Lucid Motors.

The British firm has also recently announced a partnership with Geely and has ties with Mercedes as well, so is setting itself up to make a series of high performance EVs with the support of three big hitters.

This announcement shows Aston Martin’s intent to future-proof itself and try to take a stake in the performance EV market.

With Bugatti being supported by technology from Porsche and Rimac – both also make high-end electric cars – the switch to zero-emission performance cars is a rapidly developing sector.

Announced at the London Stock Exchange, the partnership with Lucid Motors would give Aston Martin access to present and future technology to inform its own in-house EV platform. That means the motor and battery technology seen on the Air saloon could soon be in an Aston Martin.

Check out our review of the Lucid Air and see what sort of performance Aston Martins of the future may have

This switch to electric power will be funded by a £2 billion investment to move Aston Martin away from fossil fuel completely by 2030.

If having Lucid on board wouldn’t be enough, Mercedes and Geely also have partnerships with Aston Martin to help the move to electric. Mercedes will continue to provide support for engine and electric motor architectures for future models, including plug-in hybrids, while Geely is offering expertise in the booming Chinese market and access to technology and components.

In 2024, you can expect the reveal of the plug-in hybrid, mid-engined Valhalla supercar, while it’s been announced that new model ranges will be fully revealed in 2026 – all pointing towards the brand having a fully-electric model line-up by the start of the next decade.

Along with its Performance Technology arm, AMPT, Aston Martin will be deploying knowledge from its Formula 1 team to inform the aerodynamics of its upcoming EVs. That will include active aerodynamics – such as underbody channels and special fins – and drag reduction, all in the hope of making its EVs as efficient as possible.

Here’s what happened when Mat drove Aston Martin’s first F1-inspired machine, the Valkyrie, on track in Bahrain. 

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