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Dacia Duster colours guide 2015

The Dacia Duster is the budget champion taking on the established Nissan Qashqai and stylish Citroen C4 Cactus. It’s proved a success in the UK, partly for its remarkably low £9,495 starting price, and partly because it’s based on proven Renault components and engines.

There are only six colours available on the Dacia. White is the only colour available on the base trim and the remaining five metallic colours optional on mid-range Ambiance and top-spec Lauréate. These trims are only available with diesel engines so you can’t get a non-white Dacia Duster for less than £12,490.

Solid colour

This is a non-metallic finish and comes as standard on most cheaper cars. It’s cheap to mix and apply so helps keep the Duster’s price down. Pick this colour on higher trims to save nearly £500 compared to a more colourful Duster.

Glacier white (£0)

This is the only free finish for the Dacia Duster and is the only choice if you’re buying a base-spec car. Remember, whatever you save going for this cheaper paint, you’ll spend a proportion of it to keep the car clean – white has a habit of showing up the worst of British roads. White is very fashionable currently so it won’t be that hard to sell on.

Metallic colours

These hues have tiny metallic flakes in the paint. As your perspective changes, light hits these flakes in different ways and makes the paint seem to shimmer and shine. These are only available on mid- and top-spec Dusters so you’ll need to budget at least £12,490 to get one.

Cinnamon (£495)

Forget flavouring for your apple pie, this is a pleasing metallic shade of dark brown. One of two non-monochrome shade, so more extrovert owners might want to consider this hue. It’ll be as easy as the aforementioned pie to keep clean and, provided buyers’ tastes don’t change, it’ll be hassle-free to sell on.

Slate grey (£495)

Dark greys are very popular right now so this is a safe bet. This hue is pretty good at hiding the worst grime from British roads so you won’t have to spend much keeping it clean. It’ll be easy to sell on and is less likely than white or brown to fall out of fashion making it a safer long-term investment.

Pearl black (£495)

Despite the wealth of colours most modern cars come in, sometimes you just want a plain, smart black. It’s not quite as good as the dark greys when it comes to hiding road grime and has a tendency to show swirls from repeated washings, but it’s nowhere near as bad as lighter colours. It’ll be trouble-free when it comes to sell it on.

Mercury (£495)

Real mercury is poisonous, but this colour is a very sensible purchase. Silver sells easily on the used market so you won’t have any headaches when you come to sell it on. It doesn’t hide dirt as well as other colours, however, so budget for extra trips to the car wash.

Khaki (£495)

For those who want to think of their Duster more as a proper off-roader than a jacked-up hatchback should consider specifying this rugged shade of off-green. One of only two non-monochrome colours available, it’ll be easy to keep clean and, considering it’s a subtle shade, it shouldn’t be too difficult to sell on.

Anything else?

As you move up the model range you get nicer alloys. Basic models get cost-cutting steel wheels that have a certain lo-fi charm. Mid-range models get 16-inch alloys and top spec models get alloys in a more attractive design. Black mirror caps feature on all except the top-spec models, which get silver ones. These models also get silver kick plates by the doors.

What now?

Take a look at our full review of the Dacia Duster and its main rivals – the Nissan Qashqai, Citroen C4 Cactus and the Suzuki S-Cross. Then, once you’ve picked which you like, head over to our car configurator to see how much you could save.

Dacia Duster (2014-2017)

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