The Best Crossovers – Guide to the Best Crossovers on Sale

Want the chunky looks of an SUV, but cant quite stretch to 70,000 for a Range Rover, or stomach the fuel bills? Then a crossover might just be the answer. Yep, these hatchback based pseudo 4X4s are becoming evermore popular with car buyers.

People like the rugged looks, the commanding driving positions, normal fuel bills, and occasional 4X4 systems that might not let you wade though four feet of water, but should prove handy for negotiating the odd damp field.

Weve ordered the list below by buzzScore, which is the average scores given by experts in reviews. The higher the buzzScore, the better critics reckon the MPV is. So we’re not giving our personal judgement on each car, but the collective view.

We’ve also included a link to where you can read reviews, see photos, watch videos and look up stats for each car.

No.5 – Ford Kuga

The Ford Kuga may be Fords first attempt at a crossover, but it has become a popular choice amongst pseudo-SUV buyers. It handles very well for its size, and the range of engines is strong, especially the diesels (The 2.5-litre, 200bhp petrol is certainly the most fun, but a bit pointless in a car like this).
It doesnt have the biggest interior, but the dash is well laid out and of a good quality. Plus you get plenty of kit as standard.
Price: £21,425 – £29,400
MPG: 27 – 47
Seats: 5
buzzScore: 7.7
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No.4 – Hyundai ix35

Hyundai ix35 crossover
Gone are the days when Korean cars were bywords for awkward looks, dodgy handling, and weak engines. Today’s ix35 is still cheaper than many of its rivals, but with the stylish and practical cabin, imposing exterior and generous equipment levels, youd never know it.
The engines are pretty good, if a bit loud, but the handling can be wooly and vague at speed. The only other issues are that the ride is jiggly, and road and wind noise is too intrusive on the motorway. Other than that, it’s a fine family car that’s easy to reccomend.
Price: £16,775 – £35,995
MPG: 39 – 45
Seats: 5
buzzScore: 7.7
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No.3 – BMW X1

BMW X1 crossover
The BMW X1, as you might have guessed, is the smallest BMW to wear the X monicker. It channels its older siblings through sharp, precise handling as well as a strong range of diesel engines. Inside, its business as usual for BMW, though some of the plastics are a little harder than you might expect, as is the ride quality in fact.
The X1 isnt cheap, but nor is it outrageously expensive, and you do get plenty of kit as standard.xDrive models are equipped with four-wheel drive, but dont expect the go-anywhere ability of a conventional 4X4.
Price: £24,605 – £33,710
MPG: 44 – 62
Seats: 5
buzzScore: 7.7
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No.2 – Nissan Qashqai

Nissan Qashqai Crossover
The Qashqai makes for a great family car. Its spacious enough inside: the driving position is high and mighty, the dash is smart, and the excellent ride quality makes it a comfortable long-distance cruiser. The trade-off for the supple ride is excessive body-roll in the bends, though the well-weighted steering and good levels of grip compensate for this.
Theres a host of engines to chose from, though reviewers say the best is the 1.6-litre, 138bhp diesel.
Price: £16,310 – £26,725
MPG: 35 – 62
Seats: 5 (A 7-Seater is available, called the Qashqai +2)
buzzScore: 7.8

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No.1 – Skoda Yeti

Skoda Yeti crossover
The Skoda Yeti really is a great all-rounder. The rides a bit firm, but its surprisingly capable on and off-road. A wide range of engines and gearboxes are available, so youre bound to find something that suits you. Inside, its as spacious and well screwed together as anything the Germans offer.
The rear seats can be removed altogether for carrying larger loads, though they’re a bit fiddly to replace. Even with them fitted, theres still ample room for all that family paraphernalia.
The Skoda Yeti is the best crossover on sale, and we’d have no hesitations recommending it.
Price: £14,645 – £23,770
MPG: 35 – 61
Seats: 5
buzzScore: 8.2
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